THE FISHEYE LENS……Go Wide – Ultra Wide!

Kauffman Center at Dawn - Fisheye View / bwb-images

Is your photography looking a little tired?  Looking for something “a little different” for your photo bag?  Want to “spice up” your photo portfolio?  The Ultra Wide – “Fisheye” lens may be just the thing for you.  This lens takes “wide angle” to a whole different level.  Basically you can get a near 180 degree view with the fisheye. It’s shoots so wide that,if you are not careful, you will get your feet in your own photo!

Shooting a fisheye takes a little getting used to.  As with any wide angle lens, the fisheye creates distortion.  But in the case of the fisheye the distortion can really go wild.  Tilt it upward or downward and you will have any verticle lines bending all over the place – nearly into semi circular archs!.  When held level, there is still notable distortion with details in the center of the image appearing closer than those at the sides.

Nikon Fisheye (10.5 mm / f2.8) / Nikon Image

A prime fisheye lens isn’t terribly expenseive. The Nikon or Canon fisheyes  fall roughly in the $700 to $800 range and and for that price you get an auto focusing, fast (f/2.8) prime lens for your kit.  Additionally, the fisheye is quite small and compact.  It is light weight and takes up little space ,making it ideal for a fun travel lens. 

 The fisheye can lend some very new creative potential to your photography.  Use the distortion to create a new dimension of visual interest. Sometimes this is a neat, creative effect.  On other occasions it can be a bit of a pain.  Various software programs are available that can help correct for this type of lens distortion when it is unwanted.

Tokyo At Night / bwb-images

Check out the fisheye.  Rent one for a weekend and have a great time testing it out. I think you’ll like it.

Until next time…………Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker