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Allen Field House – Home of KU Jayhawks / bwb-images

It’s that time again!  It’s March and Basketball Time is here!

Last year I took a break from main line Travel and Photo topics to talk a little basketball (see last year’s article here)  I see no reason to break with tradition this year.  So indulge me while I wander into Basketball Land for a moment. After all, you know how much I love KU Basketball.

Basketball is what helps me get through the frequently dark and dreary mid winter months here in Kansas City.  And as Spring starts to appear on the horizon, bringing with it hope and sun and fun – so too Basketball moves into it’s most fun stage – The NCAA Tournament.  Starting with 68 teams on March 19th, the tournament will conclude on April 8th, crowning the National Champions in Atlanta, Georgia this year.

Michigan State University Basketball / MSU photo

Michigan State University Basketball / MSU photo

Last year my Alma Mater, The University of Kansas Jayhawks, performed beyond expectations, fighting their way through the Sweet 16, The Elite 8, and into the Final 4, where they defeated Ohio State in the Semi-Finals before finally succumbing to Kentucky in the Championship Game.  A great run for the Jayhawks!

KU #1 Seed! /  KU Photo

KU #1 Seed! / KU Photo



This year, as tournament time arrives, I am again fortunate to have two dogs in the hunt.  My undergraduate alma mater Michigan State University is starting out as a Number 3 Seed in the Midwest Region. For more about MSU athletics  to MSU Spartans. Go MSU Basketball!  And The University of Kansas, where I did graduate school, is the Number 1 Seed in the South Region. For more about KU Athletics go to KU Athletics. Rock Chalk Jayhawk – Go KU Basketball!

KU Celebrate Winning the Big 12 Championship / KU Photo

KU Celebrate Winning the Big 12 Championship / KU Photo

So …… here we go again.  Time to buckle your seat belts and get ready for the wild and crazy ride that is The NCAA Basketball Tournament.  I’m pulling for MSU and KU.  Who are your favorites?  Whoever wins – it will be great fun.  And when it’s over?  Why then it will be SPRING!



It’s Basketball Time …….  Enjoy The Adventure!

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