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Lady Photographer / bwb-images

Free Travel Photo?  What’s the deal?  If you’ve previously read articles here on Travel And Photo Today you probably already  know that “Free” is one of my favorite words. And today I thought I would share some of the pleasure of that word “Free” with you, my readers.

I want to give you one of my favorite Travel Photos.  And I want to give it to you “Free.” Call it a “Thank You” for reading and following articles on Travel And Photo Today.   All you have to do is Sign Up to receive Notifications of New Publications on Travel And Photo Today.  That way you will get e-mail notification when a new article is posted.  It’s quick and easy to do – just fill out the form on this page – the one right under the Gold Amazon image.  And you don’t need to worry.  Your information is confidential.  We don’t share or sell your email info – honest!

The first 50  readers who sign up for Notifications will receive the free photo.  And for those of you loyal readers who have already signed up?  Well, not to worry.  Just send me a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section on this page.  Say something like “Send Me The Photo”.  Or you could be more creative.  It’s up to you.

Here’s the Free Travel Photo that I will send.  It’s one of my favorites and I hope you’ll like it too.

Anzio Bay 8x10


It’s a high resolution photo which will print and enlarge very nicely.  It also makes a neat desktop image for a computer. The Photo shows the harbor at Anzio, Italy on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. You will receive the image file via email. And of course, your copy will not  the copyright information in the upper left hand corner.

So – sign up or leave a comment.  And thanks for your interest in Travel And Photo Today.

Thanks for reading ……………. Enjoy The Adventure!

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