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Road Trip – Seattle


It’s Fall and I’m feelin’ that need for travel again.  Yep – it’s time to get on the road again.  I’ve been packing up my Road Trek and getting ready for another journey. I’m calling the trip “Road Trip – Seattle” because  I’ll be driving directly from Kansas City to Seattle which is my first destination.  Then from there the plan is to wander south along the coast highway through Washington and Oregon into Northern California.  From there I might head inland to visit some of the California Wine Country before going to Yosemite (just to check and be sure they got all those forest fires put out).  From there I’ll venture across Central Nevada into Utah where I hope to visit a number of their outstanding National Parks.  After that – it’s homeward bound across Colorado and Kansas. Below is a screen shot of my tentative route.

Seattle Road Trip Snag it

If you are thinking that looks like a long drive – well, you’d be right.  Just a tad over 5,000 miles as it’s laid out at this point.  Fortunately I like to drive.  And there should be some really fine photography opportunities along the route.

Times being what they are, I have arranged for a “house sitter” to stay in my home during my absence and I also informed the local “gendarmes” to keep watch for any strange activities.  Something I always do during my travels – file that under “better safe than sorry.”

I’m not sure how much internet service I will find along the way.  But I do hope to be able to post brief update articles with a photo or two as I travel.  So be sure to check back.  It should be quite a trip!

On The Road Again …………. Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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5 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP – SEATTLE

  1. My wife and I just moved back to KC from Brazil and want to do a similar road-trip to the one you have outlined in your map, However we also want to see the Grand Canyon. How many days are you going to do your route in? The natural diversity of the USA is amazing! I’m sure you’ll get some wonderful photos and have a blissful experience. Happy Travels!

    • Hi James – I’ll be gone about 3 weeks for this trip. I love the West – all the open spaces. But all that space means you get to do a lot of driving so it does take some time. That’s true especially if you want to spend a bit of time at the choice locations. Adding the Grand Canyon to my loop would have been fairly easy – just a bit more to the south. Probably if I were to add it I would have gone south out of Yosemite, perhaps catching Death Valley and then over through Las Vegas and into Arizona. That way you could see the Grand Canyon before turning north into Utah. Have a great trip. And thanks for reading.

    • P.S. — James, if you do decide to undertake a longer type Road Trip I suggest you take some practical security measures for your home, just to be safe. For example, I arranged for a house sitter and let my friends in the local police dept know I would be gone for awhile. You might have neighbors or family check on your place. Unforeseen things can happen, plumbing lines leak or break, power failures create refrigeration problems, and of course – “uninvited guests” of various sorts might try to take advantage of your absence. So be safe and take a few precautions. Travel safe.

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