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Siem Reap, Cambodia is known around the world for it’s history and temples, most especially perhaps for  Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest temple complex in the world. But what does one do after a long, hot day wandering and exploring world famous temples?  Why, head to Siem Reap’s almost equally famous Pub Street of course.  Haven’t been there – you should check it out!

Pub Street is where the action is in Siem Reap after the sun goes down.  Locals and tourists alike converge on Pub Street and adjacent lanes to relax, unwind, eat and maybe enjoy a drink or two.

Pub Steet map

Pub St street

Pub Street is lined with bars and restaurants of all varieties.  Mostly a walking street, it’s a great place to wander and people watch.

pub st 4

The lighting and atmosphere can be a bit much in some areas – a definite counterpoint to the ancient temples only a few miles to the north.

Pub St bugs

Venders and food stalls line many streets in the area offering some rather strange snacks for the adventurous traveler.  This vender offered snakes on a stick  and  fried black spiders. I confess it was not exactly what I was looking for that evening.

Pub St pizza

For the less adventurous diner there is also pizza and beer – here offered at one of my favorite pubs on the street – The Red Piano.

Pub st cocktail

The unique Cambodian Temples in and around Siem Reap have served as the backdrop for various movies including “Tomb Raider.”  The Red Piano pays homage to the movie and it’s star, Angelina Jolie, with a special cocktail.

Pub St street 2

Pub Street is a great place for a bit of Rest & Relaxation after a long day of “templing.” Not only can you have a brew or two, you can also sample some unique and delicious tasty treats.  Grab a table, sip a beer, and enjoy the visual feast of Pub Street.

Visit Pub Street ………………. And Enjoy the Adventure!


Travel Photos by Bruce W Bean


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