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On The Road Again!

Road Trips are a great way to travel. Travel and Photo Today has had the good fortune to wander highways and byways throughout the United States.  Based in Kansas City, the trusty Road Trek has journeyed to the Northwest as far as Seattle and down the West Coast to San Diego.  The Rocky Mountain States of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah are favorites along with the Southwest areas of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  The Trek has also taken the journey through the Southeast, wandering as far as Key West. The only region the Road Trek has not yet explored is the Northeast.  Well sports fans – (or should I say travel fans?) – that’s about to end. Turn on the sound system, crank up the volume, and blast out a bit of Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again!”  Later this week Travel and Photo Today is climbing back in the Road Trek and heading off to New England.


RoadTrek RV in the Dakotas

The Travel and Photo Today ROAD TREK on the plains of South Dakota/ bwb-images


Friends and fellow travelers has always raved  about the awesomeness of a visit to New England.  “You’ll love the picturesque towns and coastline.”  “The lobster – oh my – the delicious lobster.”  “You’ve got to see the Fall colors.”   Well, all those items are on the itinerary – and more!

The general routing plan is seen in the Google Map at the top of the page. (But the pleasure of a road trip is the ability to be flexible so who knows what the actual route will be.) It’s not a short trip.  The path will cover more than 4,000 miles. Starting out traveling through my home state of Michigan, the route then enters Canada, following the Saint Lawrence Seaway northwest to Nova Scotia where the Road Trek enters Maine and then follows the Atlantic Coast southward toward Boston before turning back homeward to the west.

There is loads to see along the way in terms of nature and scenery as well as historic sites.  For the most part the specific stops and itinerary are flexible.  I hope to do a bit of wandering.  However, there are also plans to visit a few special places. There’s a bit of a personal pilgrimage stop in Quoddy, a northernmost city in Maine where my father was stationed for training in the Navy Seabees in 1943 prior to shipping off for the Pacific in World War II. The region is also full of history and the route will likely wander to various sites associated with the early colonial and revolutionary war periods  – think Lexington, Concord, North Church, Plymouth for example. Maybe some witchy stuff at Salem?  For basketball fans there is also the possibility of spending some time in Springfield Massachusetts visiting The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.


There’s lots of adventure on the road ahead.  The  cameras and drone are packed in  anticipation of lots of great photo ops.  The MacBook Pro is primed and ready for action. Time won’t likely allow much in the way of full website articles during the journey but  I will be posting to FaceBook as time allows.

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