Visitors to Chiang Mai quickly become acquainted with the city’s omnipresent and, dare I say, ubiquitous street food scene. It’s impossible to walk 100 meters without passing at least 3 street food stalls.  And then there are the walking streets and night markets where food venders are literally “wall to wall” – or at least they would be if there were any walls on the walking streets.  Truly – street food is everywhere.  And don’t get me wrong.  Street food in Chiang Mai is wonderful – it’s delicious – it’s an adventure. But at some point visitors are likely to say – “enough!”  Sometimes you might just want to sit down in a nice, quiet relaxing environment to have a cocktail and nice meal.  What do you do then?

Fortunately, Chiang Mai has a wide variety of restaurants and dining establishments which rise above the exotic qualities of street food stands. I had the opportunity to dine with a friend at one such establishment recently –   DECK 1 – and enjoyed it very much.

Deck 1 On The Ping River

Located at 1, 14 Chareonraj Rd. Wat Kate Muang Chiang Mai 50000,  Deck 1 sits on the eastern bank of the Ping River between the Tai Wang Road Bridge and the Charoen Muang Road Bridge.  (There are actually several very nice restaurants along this stretch of river including The Riverside Bar & Restaurant where I have enjoyed a lunch in the past and  which is literally right next door to Deck 1.).


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Deck 1 is open from 7 AM until midnight, serving a brunch and lunch as well as the evening meal.  It’s fairly spacious and you would likely not require a reservation unless dining on a busy weekend or if you wished specific special seating – river view, outside, etc when reservations might be best just to be safe.

Deck 1 – Interior Seating

Deck 1 is an “upscale” venue for Chiang Mai with a very trendy and contemporary feel including lots of chrome and glass. There is an open and spacious quality enhanced by a nice blend of indoor and outdoor seating.   Most tables outside face the river with colorful lanterns hanging from the trees adding to the ambiance. It’s a lovely setting to enjoy a drink, a meal and to watch the sun set over the city.

Deck 1 – Outside Seating Facing The Ping River


Deck 1 Spring Rolls

Deck 1 – Spring Rolls

Deck 1 describes itself as offering “delectable Modern Asian Fusion foods that perfectly blend Thai, Asian and Western cuisines. ” They have a large menu of tempting dishes but relatively few vegetarian items. Similarly, their inventory of Scotch labels is limited if that’s of import to you. Overall, the food is quite good and is very nicely presented. Service is good and unrushed. You will be able to enjoy yourself in a calm and liesurely manner.  Of the dishes ordered, the spring rolls were crisp and tasty. The vegetarian Pad Thai was nicely done with a mild smokey flavor. The Grilled Sea Bass was the most disappointing of the selections for the evening. The portion was quite small considering the amount of meat on this fish and it was a bit over grilled – again perhaps owing to the size of the fish. The taste was really rather basic and nothing special. The presentation however was very nice – the bass served atop  a mashed up type potato along with  some tasty sides including asparagus. 

Deck 1 - Vegetable Pad Thai

Deck 1 – Vegetable Pad Thai


Deck 1 - Grilled Sea Bass

Deck 1 – Grilled Sea Bass


Deck 1 offers a nice change of pace for dining in Chiang Mai.  It’s a lovely venue with good food and excellent service.  Pricing is a bit above the norm for Chiang Mai but that seems reasonable as the restaurant is clearly more upscale than most local dining establishments.



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