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There’s a small village, one of thousands I am sure in the country of India.  This one is located just outside Ranthambore National Park, a Tiger Preserve in Central India. The village is nothing special.  It has no major temple. No claim to fame.  It’s a simple village.  Still, a walk through the village offers an opportunity to catch a brief glimpse of the life and the people of India.  Here is a short photo series of a small Moment In Time in this tiny Indian Village.

escaped goat (1 of 6)Moments earlier (of course I didn’t have my camera ready) this young lady had opened the door to her home and the baby kid goat had escaped.  Hurriedly, she chased it down and finally captured it.


escaped goat (2 of 6)


Popping the kid under her arm, she headed back toward her home. That’s when she noticed my photographic interest.


escaped goat (5 of 6)


Smiling, and looking a bit sheepish (if that’s possible while carrying a goat) she trudged on.


escaped goat (3 of 6)Yep, she was smiling.  And very well dressed for one chasing goats.  The little guy behind her was taking this all in.

escaped goat (6 of 6)And then she and the goat were gone.  A brief, momentary inter-cultural encounter in a small village in India.


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