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I love Great Coffee.  At home I keep my Kuerig Brewing System plenty busy.  But I also love my coffee on my travels. It adds a special something.  For me, it just says “relax”.  It’s a good friend and a nice warm starter for the day.  Unfortunately, my Kuerig is large and is definitely not built for the road.  As a result, getting a good cup of coffee can sometimes be a challenge when traveling.  What do you do if your trekking doesn’t take you into the neighborhood of a nice coffee shop?

French Press Travel Mug / REI photo

I’ve discovered a great little solution to my coffee problem.  Enter the REI French Press. This Travel Coffee Press really does the job. Put in your favorite coffee blend, add hot water, and let it steep for a few minutes.  Then press the French Press “plunger” downward (filtering the grounds out and pressing them to the bottom of the cup) and sip your coffee through the mug’s cap.  Morning coffee at it’s best.  It’s really great.

If you are a coffee lover I think you may find this mug a good travel companion.  It’s well designed, providing good filtration of coffee grounds. There is even a compartment at the base of the mug where you can store fresh coffee for your next coffee fix.  Using the mug does take a bit of experimentation to find the right combination of just how much coffee to use and how long to let it steep. Practice a bit before you hit the road.   Also, be aware that once you press down the plunger you can start drinking your coffee – but since the grounds are still at the bottom of the mug a certain amount of continued steeping occurs.  So if you are a slow drinker the last of your coffee may be a bit stronger than the start.  Fortunately, I like strong coffee so this is no problem.  If you would prefer, you could always pour the coffee into another cup for drinking after steeping – but that adds another cup to the operation and I go for simple.  Also, the mug is not small.  And it is made even bigger  by the rather large handle.  That could be removed if you are trying to really conserve space.

Coffee For Your Travels………..Enjoy The Adventure!


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