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Fate exterior

Fate Brewing Company / © Bruce W Bean, Ph.D.


Boulder Colorado, a delightful college town northwest of Denver is known for it’s many excellent craft breweries.  Now, I do enjoy an occasional good beer, but during my recent trek to Boulder I was really searching for a Great Burger in Boulder.  If the restaurant happened to offer an opportunity to same a local brew or two – so much the better.

I was trying to decide where to go in search of the great burger – Boulder offers many options.  That’s when fate stepped in – Fate Brewing Company that is. Fate is known as one of the finer craft breweries in Boulder, and as fate would have it (OK, I know I have to stop), they also have a great restaurant and serve up some great burgers.  My destination determined, I headed out.

Fate bar

Fate Brewing Company, Interior Bar View / © Bruce W Bean, Ph.D.

Fate Brewing Company is located at 1600 38th Street at the corner of Arapaho  in Boulder, Colorado. The atmosphere is casual and laid back, offering interior as well as patio dining. I visited for lunch and found that their menu is large and varied. Interesting appetizer “Pub Plates” included items such as Blue Suede Grapes (“point reyes blue cheese,roasted grapes and grilled pita”) and Burnt End Deviled Eggs (“creamy yolk filling,crispy house smoked brisket bits and arugula”). In addition to a variety of salads, lunch entrees include the likes of Braised Lamb Tacos and Smoked Turkey Breast Pot Pie. The dinner menu, by the way, is even more extensive and varied.

Fate patio

Fate Brewing Company, Outdoor Patio Seating / © Bruce W Bean, Ph.D.

While most of Fate’s offerings sounded interesting, this was a search for burgers. And as luck would have it – Fate does provide, with 6 different burger options on the lunch menu. From my biased point of view, one is a burger in name only – the Sundried Tomato Falafel Burger. I mean, if a burger doesn’t have a bit of meat, can it really be a burger? Some are larger versions of a basic burger or include non-typical ingredients such as ham or fried egg.  The Trifecta Burger caught my eye – “beef, bison and lamb patty, cherry-jalapeno chutney, smoked goat cheese, power greens, roasted tomatoes on a potato bun.  Sounded rather tempting really.  But I was searching for something more traditional – the classic burger.

Fate Burger

Fate Brewing Company Ol’ Faithful Burger / © Bruce W Bean, Ph.D.

Fate’s version of the classic burger is the Ol’ Faithful – “beef patty,sharp cheddar, lettuce,onion, mustard aioli on a potato bun. I ordered up, with two bits of fine-tuning. First I asked for the onions to be grillled. Second I requested the mustard aioli to be served on the side.  I’ve never developed a taste for mustard on my burgers for some reason so I opted for the more cautious approach.

The Ol’ Faithful Burger was excellent.  A nice, large and plump beef patty covered with grilled onions and cheese which was nicely melted, draping the entire patty. Flavors were well blended, enhanced by my personal addition of my old stand-by, ketchup.  (I did taste the mustard aioli which was fine. But again – it’s mustard and for me had no place on my burger.)

The side of fries were OK.  Tasty and nicely seasoned.  But as with much in the line of food, the appeal of fries is a bit subjective.  For me these were not the mildly “limp” and slightly “greasy” fries I most enjoy, ala good “burger joint” fries.  And here again, they use the entire potato resulting in some fries  with the skin on one side.  Not my personal favorite – but again – a subjective preference.

Bottom Line:   If you are in Boulder I think you will enjoy the burger at Fate.  And if you are not a big burger fan – they do have lots of other interesting and good looking items on their menu.   Check it out!. And by the way – their beers are excellent as well!


Check Out Fate’s Burger ………………..And Enjoy The Adventure!

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