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It’s an experience many of us have had. I call it “Traveler’s Remorse.” We take a vacation, traveling to various interesting and intriguing destinations.  Along the way we encounter someplace special – the type of place that makes us say something like, “Gosh, I wish I could stay here longer and really experience it more fully.”  But of course it is not possible at the time and, perhaps a bit sadly, with a touch of “Traveler’s Remorse,” we move on.

Is there some way to deal with Traveler’s Remorse?   How can travelers experience destinations more fully?  The answer?  Extended Stay Travel.

Every day more and more people are discovering the joys of Extended Stay Travel. Yet still, many people have never heard of extended stay travel let alone considered it as an option for their own travel adventures.  What is Extended Stay Travel?   And what are the advantages of Extended Stay Travel? Let’s take a look.

  • What Is Extended Stay Travel?

Most travelers are used to a type of travel often referred to as “Tour Travel.” This typically involves traveling along an itinerary for one or two weeks, moving from place to place.  Tour Travel can, of course, actually involve signing up with a travel company and taking a established tour – complete with prearranged stops, hotels, and tour guide. But Tour Travelers can also travel independently, following an itinerary they have established for their vacation,  or even wandering on whim from place to place with no pre-established itinerary.    Although there is really no hard and fast “definition” of Extended Stay Travel, it is certainly different from Tour Travel.  The name itself gives a sense of what this type of travel involves so let’s break it down according to the three important words that make up the term “Extended Stay Travel.”  



  1. Travel – OK, so this is a no-brainer. Extended Stay Travel does, of course, involve travel.  A “Staycation” in your hometown might be fun and enjoyable but it doesn’t involve travel.   Extended Stay Travelers head off to a new place – perhaps a domestic travel destination or, more often, to a new and different international destination and culture.
  2. Stay –  In some ways  it’s probably easier to say what Extended Stay Travel “is not.”   Extended Stay Travel is not Tour Travel.  It is not taking a vacation where you stay for one or two or several nights in a place and then move on.   It is not hopping on a ship and taking a cruise, visiting multiple ports of call.  On the contrary, Extended Stay Travel involves taking a journey to one destination and then staying there for an extended period of time.
  3. Extended – The length of “stay” at an Extended Stay destination varies according to the traveler.  Each traveler has their own personal qualities which impact the duration of their Extended Stay Travel such as the flexibility of their schedule, their financial resources and what they would like to get out of their journey.  That said, most extended stay travelers settle in and enjoy their destination for at least four weeks with many staying for two, three, or four months.



What Are The Advantages Of Extended Stay Travel?

Extended Stay Travel is not for everyone.  But it does have a variety of features which make it an attractive travel option. Here are seven positive reasons to consider Extended Stay Travel.  I’m sure there are more but these stand out.

  • Unpack Once & Settle In – With Extended Stay Travel you avoid all of that packing and unpacking, the “living out of a suitcase” that comes with touring and movement based travel. Your Extended Stay Travel residence is more than a one night stand type of room.  Instead, you can unpack and settle in to your new destination space.  You can personalize it a bit and make it “homey” if you want. It’s your “home away from home” and you can relax and enjoy it.
  • Take Your Time – Tour travel, either done independently or on a tour, really fosters a sense of rush and hurry in the travel experience.  You have only a brief time in an area and so there’s a sense of urgency to get up early and fill the day with visiting as many venues of interest as you can cram in.  You don’t want to waste your time. For this reason  tour travel can become almost exhausting.  Extended Stay Travel on the other hand allows you explore and wander at a leisurely pace. Without the sense of urgency that comes with limited time, the Extended Stay Traveler can move slowly and mindfully through the travel experience – enjoying everything to the fullest.  It’s sort of like the difference between being served a gourmet meal and having to chomp it down in 15 minutes as opposed to enjoying the meal at a calm and relaxed pace, blissfully savoring each course and item.


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  • “Live …” Rather Than “Visit “……– Tour Travel gives the traveler an opportunity to visit and explore multiple locations.  They visit lots of places in a limited amount of time.  But the key word here is “visit.”  Tour Travel, even at it’s best, has qualities of visiting destinations in a “tourist bubble.” It’s understandable.  In order to maximize the tour experience and see many places, the tour traveling is primarily a tourist, sampling the surface of many locations.  In contrast, the Extended Stay Traveler is not merely visiting. Instead they have the opportunity to be a resident in a totally new location, such as an exotic and exciting international location or a quiet and peaceful beachside retreat. They get a taste of what it is like to really “live in” the place rather than merely pass through.
  • Meet Locals & Make Friends – Tour Travel tends to focus on seeing and visiting things and places.  There is little time available to meet locals who live in a destination.  Extended Stay Travel gives the traveler the time and opportunity to be in a place long enough to meet locals who live there.  Many Extended Stay Travelers make new friends during their stays – some lasting a lifetime!
  • Explore Lesser Known Points of Interest – Tour Travel generally only allows time to visit the “highlights” of an area. Extended Stay Travelers of course also can visit the highlights but in addition they have the luxury of exploring lesser known places and points of interest.  Often these can be much more enjoyable, offering travelers the chance to visit delightful new places and have great experiences without being overwhelmed with crowds of tour travelers rushing about.



  • Save A Bit Of Money –   Let’s face it.  Short terms stays at travel destinations cost more.  You don’t have time to shop around.  You eat at restaurants. You stay in hotels, homes or hostels for a short time.  You use transportation that is obvious.   Do you think this how “locals” live and shop and dine in their hometown?  Of course not.  They know cost saving approaches. Locals know where the best deals are.  They know where to shop.  The know quality, less expensive restaurants which don’t cater to tourists.  They also cook and eat at home.  And they don’t pay the higher rates charged for lodging by the night. Extended Stay Travelers can also enjoy the advantages of these cost saving approaches.  Extended Stay Travelers learn where and how to eat, shop and live like a local – saving money in the process.  And lodging is often not only cheaper on a per night basis but also better for the Extended Stay Traveler.  Many times it’s possible to find short term rental lodgings for one, two or more months which provide amenities as well as more space ( think of things such as pool, doorman, health & fitness rooms  as well as an apartment or home space which includes separate bedroom (s), dining, and kitchen areas).
  • A Comfortable Home Base – Extended Stay Travelers are able to settle in and enjoy the benefits of having a “home away from home” as seen above.  It is a place where they can relax and enjoy their new, temporary hometown.  It’s a place where they can entertain  new friends they meet during their travels. It’s a place where their friends from “back home” can come for shorter stay visits during their own travels. And establishing a home base for an extended stay doesn’t mean that travelers are locked in and can’t explore other destinations if they desire. On the contrary, having an established home base actually makes it easier to plan and execute interesting day trips or even longer excursions to other locations. It is the best of both worlds.

Extended Stay Travel has a lot to offer.   It’s a great way to avoid “Traveler’s Remorse.” The next time you are thinking of taking a journey – consider arranging for an Extended Stay Adventure!






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