Kansas City & Sevilla – Sister Cities

On arrival at Sevilla’s Santa Justa Railway station the alert traveler will quickly notice a connection between Sevilla and Kansas City.  Kansas City & Sevilla are “Sister Cities” as part of the Sister’s Cities International Program. That explains why, when exiting Santa Justa Station in Sevilla travelers emerge onto Kansas City Avenue.

Train kc exit

Visual evidence of the Sevilla – Kansas City connection does not stop with street names.  Nowhere is the bond between these two cities more noticeable than in their shared architecture.

The Country Club Plaza in Southern Kansas City was developed in 1922 as the country’s first shopping center district designed for automobile access and use.  J.C. Nichols had the vision to put together a plan for a combined shopping and residential area, selecting a Spanish architectural theme for the area including courtyards, tile facades, stucco buildings and numerous fountains .  ( It is said that only Rome has more fountains than Kansas City.) Prominent features in The Plaza area are two of Sevilla’s landmarks – the Giralda Tower and the Plaza de Los Reyes fountain & light.

Sevilla tower 5

The Giralda Tower in Sevilla was originally built as a minaret during the Moorish period in Spain.  Later it was modified with a Renaissance Style top to serve as the bell tower for the Sevilla Cathedral.

KC Plaza Fountain

Kansas City also has a copy of the Giralda Tower – this one located in The Country Club Plaza across a major intersection from one of Kansas City’s favorite fountains – The J.C. Nichols Fountain.

Sevilla Tower

The Giralda Tower in Sevilla (above)  with the light atop the Plaza de Los Reyes fountain & light..

KC PlazaMay04_031 crop

In Kansas City the Giralda Tower and Plaza de Los Reyes fountain & light (above) mark the eastern entrance to the Country Club Plaza area and are positioned in a manner very similar to the originals in Sevilla.

Below are two additional images showing the Spanish influence in the architecture of The Country Club Plaza area in Kansas City.

KC Plaza lamp


KC Plaza River

So there you have it – Kansas City and Sevilla are Sister Cities with several architectural similarities.  If you visit Sevilla, you’ll get a taste of Kansas City.  And if you travel to Kansas City your experience will have a quality reminiscent of Sevilla.


Visit Kansas City & Sevilla ………………………. Enjoy The Adventure!


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