July 18, 2024


I’m always on the lookout for excuses to do some travelin’ and some photography.  This coming weekend presents a unique opportunity with the reenactment of The Battle of Lexington. Thought I would pass it along. 


Kansas and Missouri were somewhat on the western edge of military activities during the Civil War.  But that doesn’t mean there was no action in the area.   From September 13th until September 20th of 1861 the Confederate Forces in the north and central area of Missouri took on Union Soldiers in Lexington Missouri.  Seems that the Confederates had the upper hand in this action.  They marched around 12,000 men into the action against the Union garrison manned by 3,500 troops.  The final assault took place on the 20th when Major General Sterling Price moved his massed Confederate troops forward behind mobile breastworks made of hemp. ( The battle is sometimes referred to as the Battle of Hemp Bales) By noon the battle was over.  Union Colonel James A. Mulligan surrended giving the Confederates one of their more major victories in the Missouri area.


This coming weekend marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Lexington Missouri.  Thousands of visitors are expected to attend what should be a great “Re-enactment Weekend” starting on Friday September 16th and running through Sunday September 18th.  It all takes place in and around the city of Lexington Missouri which is about one hour east of Kansas City.  The city is decked out and ready for action including old time parades and sporting events.  Battle activities take place on the Big River Ranch just a stone’s throw east of Lexington.  It promises to be a great weekend.  Union and Confederate Troops of re-enactors all decked out in authentic period garb.  Sounds like some really good photo opportunities to me.  I plan to be there for the entire weekend.  Hope maybe you might join me.


Check out these sites for maps, information,  and a schedule of events:



OK – now you know – no excuses.  Saddle up and head out.  It’s time to have someTravel And Photo fun. 

 Dr. B, The Photo Trekker