July 16, 2024
Young Girl & Cat - photo by BWB-Images
It’s travel time again.  In an earlier article I shared information about the Civil War Re-Enactment taking place in Lexington Missouri this weekend.  It’s being held in connection with the 150th Anniversary of The Battle of Lexington.  I’ve heard about these events and have seen some great images by some of my fellow photo types.  So when I heard that a major re-enactment was being held darn near in my own backyard – well it was just to good to pass up. 
Today I’m packing up my Road Trek, which is my domestic road travel and photo vehicle of choice.  (I’m planning a future article on that – watch for it.)  I’ve been packing in all the necessary provisions like potato chips, cookies, water, chili, protein bars.  You get the picture.  When I’m on the road doing photography, well let’s just say  it is not a gourmet  experience!  The most important stuff to pack is the photo gear – two camera bodies, lots of lenses, tripod, memory cards, and strobes.  Then there is the related gear including laptop and iPad.  Finally, can’t forget the various and numerous chargers for all these items.  If you have dead batteries you are a dead duck! (Been there – done that.) Can’t forget lots of bug spray and sunscreen.  Wandering for hours following a battle presents hazards, even for the photographer.  Finally, I have to toss in clothing to cover all possibilities.  Current weather is uncertain – could range from 40 degrees through the upper 70s.  Might be sunny but there is a rather uncomfortably high chance of rain and even thunderstorms for Saturday and Sunday.  From a photographic point of view that could be great.  Bad weather can make for some outstanding photo opportunities.  But out in the forest and fields with hundreds of re-enactors playing soldier?  Well, if there is lots of rain and it turns into an ankle deep mud slide – not my idea of a good time.  So I’m hoping for dry weather.  Time will tell.
With any luck I may be able to post an article or at least Twitter from the battle site.  If not, I’ll share more after my return. By the way, I’ll be shooting with several other photographers with plans for putting together a book and/or Photo CD of the event.  So for you re-enactors out there – “Stay tuned for more.”   Wish me well……. I wish you the same. And remember to enjoy the adventure!
Dr. B, The Photo Trekker