July 20, 2024
Confederate Canon Crew Relax Around Campfire - photo by BWB-Images

Here we are in Lexington, on site for the weekend’s Battle of Lexington. Today is set up day. Reenactors are arriving and setting up. The Confederate encampment is starting to blossom. Several canon emplacements have been established. The Union camp is still a bit sparse. But maybe that’s as it should be. After all, the Union was vastly outnumbered 150 years ago as well.

The weather is a bit nippy shall we say. About 56 degrees with a wind which adds to the chilly impact.

This is a truly interesting scene, it’s like a whole community is slowly emerging here. Some camps are working on food while others are hawking various wares – period clothing,supplies, memorabilia of all sorts. But I have to say, what has my attention so far is the smell of wood campfires and the smell of barbecue which is starting to fill the air. Gotta get me some that soon!

The real action starts tomorrow. For tonight I and my group of fellow photo types will be shooting the encampments as everyone settles in for the night.

OK – think it’s time for some of that there barbecue!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker