July 20, 2024
Canon Facing the Union Encampment - photo by BWB-Images

This is an iPad update from The PhotoTrekker, on the go in Lexington, Missouri for the 150th Anniversary of The Battle of Lexington and the Civil War Battle Reenactment.

The weather is not a friend today. It is cool and rainy with a wind which quickly changes that “cool” to “cold”. The hundreds of reenacters seem to take it all in stride. War was war and took little notice, for the most part, of weather conditions or the comfort of those marching into battle.

Early morning found the various encampments awakening to a light mist as campfires were relit and uniforms were donned. Mounds of bacon and eggs were served up in front of single and multiple man tents. Following breakfast, units formed up and were drilled by their commanders in marching and arms maneuvers. Artillery pieces were positioned and prepared by their crews which maintain their own encampment quite separate from the infantry.

Currently there is a lull in the days preparations as reenacters, men and women alike, stroll through the various “suttlers” retail tents, examining various period waresand dining on vendor food of fish, barbecue, burgers and the like. Umbrellas are in standard use and the women and girls are frequently wrapped in colorful quilts or blankets as they walk the area, holding their long skirts and dresses up above their ankles to avoid the wetgrass. Everyone is in good spirits despite the weather, chatting about their activities and involvements. Anticipation is mounting as the hour of today’s battle approaches. Soon the parties will separate to their respective Union and Confederate Camps. Then canon thunder will roll across these Missouri Hills as it did 150 years ago. The battle will be revisited, but this time in the spirit of of fun and friendship.

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker