July 15, 2024


PHOTO TIP:  SHOOT TO MUSIC – Improve Your Photography & The Experience!

Lady Photographer / bwb-images
Lady Photographer / bwb-images

Music is a wonderful thing. It reflects a mood. Heck, it can set or even change a mood. Must be why there is so much music everywhere you go. (Sometimes perhaps a bit overdone with everyone walking around with ear buds in their ears – sort of in their own little worlds? But I digress……..) Have you ever seen a movie without any music? Nope – never happens. Even in the days of “silent” movies they weren’t really silent were they? Nope – even they had music. Music just adds to a visual experience. It can certainly add to photography.

Most photographers today love to share their images with others. In the digital age this sharing has moved from prints to electronic presentation. There are dozens of photo and image programs out there that allow you to organize your digital photos into “slideshows” and share them with friends via your computer, iPad, or other electronic device. You can even email slideshows to your far-flung friends. Most of these programs will also allow you to put music “behind” your slideshow to enhance the viewing experience. If you have tried this you know what I mean. If you haven’t, well you should give it a shot. A silent slide show comes to life with appropriate music in the background. A rather quiet and dry photo slideshow takes the viewer to an entirely different level of emotional involvement with the addition of a musical background.

I’ve discovered that you don’t have to wait until you are sharing your images to benefit from the impact of music. I have started more and more often to use this emotional power of music while I am doing the shooting. It’s long been a standard for studio photographers to use music to help set a mood or tone when working with models. But there is really no need to confine the use of music to the studio. Take your music with you. Pack up the old iPod or MP3 player and take it with you on your next shoot. Shoot to music on outside assignments or projects. Select music that goes with the photographic tone or mood of the project. A Pastoral Landscape? Maybe classical music. The Desert Southwest? Navajo lute music? The music helps me get into the right mood and mindset of the project and enhances my ability to shoot creatively. How’s that for a simple but neat Photo Tip?

So my suggestion here is really quite simple – try shooting to music. It may add a new and enjoyable dimension to your photography. If you try it. Let me know how it works for you.

Shoot To Music ……….. And Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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