July 13, 2024


Hot Air Ballons Reflected In Lake - copyright BWB-Images

It’s time for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  Labeled as “The World’s Premier Balloon Event”, the countdown to this event is running – quiet literally – check it out at www.balloonfiesta.com.  This annual event is a must see and must do for anyone interested in the world of hot air ballooning.  I first entered this world several years ago when I shot an event in the Kansas City area.  What I discovered was a world filled with great and friendly people, lots of adventure, and unbeatable photo opportunities.  Since then I have done lots of balloon photography – as in every chance I get.  My first flight was an unforgettable experience.  (They have a first flight ritual that is surprising.)  The silence of floating above the landscape is truly unique.  And talk about a unique shooting platform for photography!  It’s a big WOW!


Hot Air Balloons Over River and Forest
Hot Air Balloons Over River and Forest - copyright BWB-Images

There are a few very special things – events, cities, locations – that I think of as visual and photographic feasts. Well, hot air ballooning is definitely one of those feasts. Quite honestly, it is really, really hard to take a bad photo of hot air balloons. If you want to have a great time and get some great images – go shoot some hot air balloons! If you get a chance to go up – do it – no question about it.

Hot Air Balloon Night Glow
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow - copyright BWB-Images

The Albuquerque festival runs this year from October 1 thru 9. It’s one of the best events of its kind in the world. The city fills with balloons, balloon crews, and those who love ballooning. I can’t make it this year. But thousands of others will. You too could be there – but you have to get packing. If you go you will never be sorry – and you’ll get some great photos. Send me a few – make me envious.

Enjoy the adventure!

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