July 18, 2024

iPhone 4S

OK – the info is now official  We all know the “truth.”  Apple announced yesterday that it is releasing the newest in the iPhone line – the iPhone 4S.  Cosmetically, it’s the same as the iPhone 4 – but inside – at least according to Apple – there is a world of difference.  You can see the technical data at   http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html   Now the rush beginnings as thousands line up to get the newest and baddest iPhone.  But is it the phone for the photo traveler?  Is it the phone for you and me? 

Background:   I currently use the iPhone 3GS on AT&T. ( I had been with Verizon for over 10 years but they didn’t carry the iPhone so I finally dropped them to get the iPhone on AT&T.  Of course then Verizon immediately got the iPhone – story of my life – but I digress.)   I love my iPhone.  It does everything for me from GPS, to internet, to keeping track of my appointments, schedules, airline flights, connections, hotels, contacts, and I also use it for listening to music, watching movies, reading books – well the list does go on and on.  Darn thing even makes phone calls!  I must say, however,  that I rarely use it for photography.  It’s about my 3rd or 4th camera backup option and I hardly think about it.  But I do love the phone and it’s an outstanding travel device – the Swiss Army Knife of my electronic gear.

IPhone 4S – To Buy or Not To Buy?

For some of you the question of whether to buy the iPhone 4S or not seems to be relatively easy.

    Early Adopters –if you eat, breathe and live on the bleeding edge of the rapidly advancing technology curve – this is a no brainer.  You’ve already put in your order.  You’ll be first in line to pick up your new iPhone on October 14th, the official release date.

    Late Adopters – Maybe you are on the flip side of the tech curve. You are generally satisfied if you have a phone that makes calls, maybe sends a text message, and can take pictures of things occasionally.  The iPhone 4S release is probably a non-event for you.  You may get one, eventually, but there is no rush.

    Sprint Customers – This is the first time the iPhone has been available on the Sprint Network. Many Sprint users are yelling “Finally!”  If you are tired of struggling as you try to figure out how to make your smartphone (you know, the one you picked out of the old Sprint lineup) operate the way you want – it may be time for a change.  And if you have always secretly envied iPhone users on those “other” networks” – well your time has come.  And there is a BIG PLUS hidden in here for Sprint users.  Spint is the sole iPhone provider which still has an “unlimited” data plan. Take THAT you AT&T and Verizon folks!   Payback Time!!  So….. Pull the trigger.  The iPhone is now on Sprint.

    The Rest of Us:  But for some of us the question is not so easy.  We need to look a little bit deeper into the issue – consider the facts and options.  I was initially going totry and cover all the details in one article.  But as I wrote, it became quite apparent that there is just too much to cover in one posting.  Apple has changed a lot of stuff inside the old iPhone 4 box.  So I’m going to tackle this challenge in several articles – one step at a time.  As I do so, keep in mind that I’m not a total techie type so I’m not going to try and give you all the numbers and statistics.  But here are some of the things that will impact my “buy/no buy” decision and which I want to review here in upcoming articles –  Camera Issues, Processor Speed/Power, Global Phone Potential,Current Contract Status,  Provider Network Issues, Battery Issues, Antenna Issues.  I may discover others as I get into the details.

Now it’s time for me to get into the research – check back for the updates!

Meanwhile –  Enjoy The Adventure!

 Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker