July 16, 2024
internet photo

Money seems to get everyone’s attention.  That includes photographers. 

How do you make a small fortune with your photography?   Start out with a large fortune!  Ok, stop groaning.  I know – it’s an old joke – but it still tends to be true.   It’s hard to handle the financial aspects of photography – and it’s really hard to make money at photography.

There are so many neat and cool things about photography.  It appeals to each of us in its own special way.  Your creative outlet, a means of documenting issues, preserving family history, sharing your travel experiences with friends………….. the list is endless.  Many of us are really hooked on this photography thing.   But let’s face it – photography can be expensive.  It sort of reminds me of a comment made by a friend who was really hooked on boating.  He told me, “A boat is basically a hole in the water that you throw money into!”   There’s a bit of that in photography.  It seems that there’s always something else that the photographer desires – a new piece of equipment, a chance to shoot a new location, some advanced training in a specialized area.  You get the idea,  no matter who the photographer – there is always something more that is desired.  And of course, it all costs money.

 This financial challenge is one that is faced by every photographer, from the total newbie to the advanced professional.  Money speaks to all of us I guess.  With this in mind, I thought I would start an on-going series of articles related to financial aspects of photography – some about how to wisely spend your money – and some about how you might possibly make some money.  These will come in the form of occasional posts – put up intermittently as time and ideas allow.  I’d really like to encourage readers to also share ideas, comments, and challenges of the financial sort.  I’ll try to incorporate your comments in future postings.  And if you would like to really jump in – perhaps contribute a “guest post” – get in touch with me and lets talk!

 Since making money is often more fun than spending money, I’ll start with one way to make a bit of money in my next post.  I’ll look into the world of Stock Photography.  Send me you experiences in this area.

 Until next time……………..Enjoy The Adventure!

 Dr.B, The Photo Trekker