July 16, 2024

iPhone 4SYou probably recall that I have previously written several articles about Apple’s most recent update to it’s iPhone line – the iPhone 4S. My research for those articles servered as my own personal “due diligence” as I considered replacing my older iPhone 3gs (which I must say was my first iPhone and a phone which I truly loved.)  Having considered my options, I decided to take the leap and I got a new iPhone 4S.

Why did I get the 4S?  A variety of reasons:

1) I didn’t feel like waiting any longer for the next “real” upgrade to the iPhone line – that will now be the iPhone 5 it appears – to be released sometime next year?

2) I like Siri and the flexibility that this voice recognition feature allows ( as in I can’t type on those small little touch screen keys – so I tell Siri what I want to say and “she” types it for me!)

3) I like the “global phone” potential which for me has two attractive qualities.  a) I could move back to Verizon from the 3gs AT&T phone which I had, allowing me to be on the service which most of my friends and family share and b) I can still use the Verizon CDMA phone as a GSM phone when traveling overseas!   A real “win-win”!

4) The iPhone 4S has a much better camera than the 3gs.  I thought of the 3gs camera as more of an after thought or gimmick than a camera.  But the camera in the 4S is indeed a camera. It’s actually much better than the camera in the iPhone 4. 



Denver Airpor iPhone 4S photo / bwb-images

The camera improvements are truly significant.  How much?  Well, I was going to go into more detail – but the good folks at arstechnica.com beat me to it.  They just put out a great review.  Check it out.  It really shows the strengths and fine features of the camera in the iPhone 4S. 



So I am now a very happy owner of the iPhone 4S.   And I’m loving the camera.  I’m starting to think of my 4S as more of a camera with a smartphone attached.

Until next time…………….Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker