July 13, 2024
High Sierra Day Pack / company photo
I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite traveling companions.  Meet the Access Day Pack by High Sierra (High Sierra).  I love this pack for its versatility as a travel and photo pack.  I’ve traveled with it throughout the American West as well as  Paris, Rome, Peru, and Japan.  Strong and sturdy, this backpack is well thought out with multiple compartments, pockets, and pouches for all my gear.  There’s a separate padded section for laptop or my iPad. It also has a handy rain cover which stores in the base -thats great because when stored it provides an extra layer of “cushion”  – protecting my gear when I set the pack down to do some shooting.  The Access works well for me and all my travel and photo needs.  I use it a lot and work it hard.
My most recent outing with my backpack was a photo shoot to Colorado (see related articles here, here, and  here ).  Midway through the trip I noticed that one of the shoulder straps was starting to separate at a seam.  Man – I was shocked and (I have to say it…) I was a bit sad.  As I said, I’ve been through a lot with this pack. And I use it hard – I carry lots of camera gear – 2 bodies, lenses, an iPad, batteries, etc – you get the idea.  There is no way that I can use a pack where one of the main shoulder straps is compromised. My pack’s days were numbered.
I limped through the remaining few days of my Colorado trip by lightening my pack load. Once back home it was time to get a new pack.  Now you know there are many packs out there on the market today.  I looked at a lot of packs.  I really looked and looked. Everybody has their own idea of what they need and want in a pack.  I guess that’s why there are so many different designs on the market.  But after looking I decided that what I really wanted was another backpack just like the one I had – another High Sierra Access.  For me – it really does the job. 
Having made the decision to get a new Access pack ,I went online to place my order.  As I read through the various types of documentation I noted something that I had never really paid much attention to before.  High Sierra products have a warranty! (OK – so maybe I’m not dialed into details like I should be?)  I contacted the company and explained my experience and the difficulty with my original Access pack.  High Sierra came through big time – they clarified the issues involved and then sent me a new replacement Access pack.  It arrived this week.  Like an old friend coming home!
For purposes of disclosure I should say that I have no relationship with High Sierra and have not been reimbursed for this article.  In fact, I am writing this now only after all correspondence and support services have been completed.  The bottom line here is my positive experience with High Sierra and this product.  I have found the Access pack to be outstanding for my needs.  And I’m really impressed with the company and support.  They make a great product and then stand behind it.  There’s something very nice and comforting about that. 
 If you’d like more info about this pack click here.
So now  my pack is back and I’m ready for action.  Can’t wait to get out on the road again!
Until the next time…………Enjoy The Adventure!
Dr.B, The Photo Trekker