July 23, 2024
Nelson Atkins Art Museum of Art Kansas City / bwb-images

One way to add interest to your photography is to change the point of view.  Anybody can shoot images head on.  It takes some energy and creativity (not to mention some skill, nerve, or flexibility) to get down on the ground and shoot images from below or to get up high and shoot images from above.  The pay off is often better, and much more interesting photographs.  And if you want to get up high and shoot from above – well there is really no better way than to shoot  from a helicopter. It’s Helicopter Photography and it’s great!

Royals Stadium Aerial View / bwb-images

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do some helicopter photography in my home area of Kansas City.  Words can’t describe the experience.  We timed the flight to catch the early evening light. It was a great day.  We removed the doors so there would be no problems with the reflections caused when shooting through glass.  I strapped myself and my gear in ( I must say that I did a really good job of  strapping in – don’t want to be dropping any cameras from altitude  -or falling out myself for that matter ) and we were off. What a thrill!  And what a view!

WW I Liberty Memorial Kansas City / bwb-images

I highly recommend Helicopter Photography.  A helicopter is a great shooting platform.  Your pilot can put you where you want to be for just the right view and just the right light.  There is a bit of vibration so you will want to shoot with higher shutter speeds.  If weather allows – get those doors off!   Otherwise you will want a polarizing filter to help deal with reflection issues when shooting through plexiglass.

Ready For Take-Off? ………………..Enjoy The Adventure!

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