July 19, 2024
International Travel Key / bwb-images

Time to update your Travel Bucket List.  It’s the end of the year – and if you are like me you get a bit nostalgic, maybe emotional, and possibly even reflective.  Yep – another year is now history.  Taking stock of the past year always leads me to thoughts about the future.  What about you?  I love travel, love photography, and love history. I have to make some plans for 2012.  There are many places on my Travel Bucket List that I have yet to visit . My cameras need some action.   Here are some of the international travel destinations that I still “gotta see – gotta photograph!” 

Cinque Terre, Italy:  I love Italy – the trains are great and they really do run on time!  The Cinque Terre region is noted for five small towns perched on rocky cliff sides overlooking the Northwestern coastline of Italy.  They are all connected by a hiking path providing some of the best ocean views in the world. The food, the light, the people!  Mama Mia!

Serengeti, Tanzania, Kenya – Africa: What can I say? What needs to be said? I want to do that ultimate African Safari!  Pack up the camera and the really long lenses and head out into the wild.

Russia: Having grown up in an era dominated by U.S. – Russian issues I have always wanted to visit Russia, learn it’s history up close and personal, and meet the people. Moscow / St. Petersburg / the Volga – yep – gotta see em.

China: Like Russia, China has been a major player on the world stage for most of my life.  It’s a big place with lots of history and lots of people.  Beijing, Xian, Tibet, the Yantze and the Great Wall – lots to do, see, and photography.

Belieze: Sounds like a more laid back and relaxing adventure than some of those above.  Lots of great beaches as well as history and natural beauty.

Viet Nam and Thailand: A great combination of natural beauty, exotic locations, georgeous beaches, and history both ancient and recent.  All these combine to make this area a “must do” on my list.

While there are many other places I’d also love to visit, these are currently on the top of my International Travel Bucket List.  Now all I have to do is make a decision and “pull the trigger.”

Let me know what is on your list – I’d love to hear from you and learn of some new ideas that I should possibly add to my own list!

Meanwhile..Happy New Year And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker