July 19, 2024


New Nikon D4 / internet image

The D4 is about to be released.  I am wondering – how well will it play with my iDevices?I love my iPhone and iPad.  They are always with me, do almost all I ask, and the darn things just work.  However, there has always been a bit of a gap in terms of iPad and iPhone connectivity with cameras.  There are many apps out there that will allow you to control some selective features on my Nikon cameras.  But, not being easily satisfied, I wanted it all.  I wanted an app that would allow total control of the camera functions and I wanted it to allow me to use the screen on the iPhone or iPad to actually view what the camera is looking at.  I mean, the iPad has a nice large touch screen – let’s use it!

Unfortunately, I have not found any app which provides this live view function – not even a tethered connection.  And believe me, I have looked.  But now it appears  that my search may be over.  Enter the Nikon D4.  This new “flagship” of the Nikon line was announced last week and will be launched, probably at the 2012 Consumer Electronics show starting tomorrow and running from January 10th through 13th in Las Vegas.  Many details of the D4 are already in print but there is one feature where details have yet to be released.  And this is the one that marks the introduction of a very new dimension for Nikon cameras – well for all cameras I guess.  Sources are reporting that – hold your breath – wait for it – yep – built-in wireless integration with iPhone and iPad.  Apparently this new interface will allow full functional control of the D4 from you iPhone or iPad – and it’s built-in!.  And the feature I have been searching and waiting for is included – You will be able to view what the camera is looking at on your iDevice.  According to advanced reports you will be able to control the D4’s focus points by touching a point on the screen, control the core functions such as white balance, iso setting, shutter speed, aperture settings.  You can even use the interface to control the D4’s video abilities!

So the wait may be over.  The advance reports are yet to be fully confirmed by Nikon but appear to be fairly reliable.  The facts should be revealed soon – maybe as soon as tomorrow! 

Photography is Exciting …………Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker