July 20, 2024
Hong Kong / internet image


Hong Kong has overtaken London as the most visited city according to Euromonitor.com.  ( There’s a related article in the Daily Mail )  I’ve been to London several times and love the city.  This coming year it seems that London might get a little more hectic and chaotic than usual with the Olympics coming to town.  So I was thinking – what have I missed on the Hong Kong thing? 

 I’ve been considering my travel options for 2012.  My passport has been feeling a bit neglected lately.  I recently wrote about various destinations on my Travel Bucket List.  I updated the International portion of the list for 2012.  It included various spots in Belize, Viet Nam, Africa, China, and Italy.   And look at that – China is on the list!  So I’ve decided that it is time to stop debating and time to “pull the trigger.”   Bam!

In Spring I am off to China.  And Hong Kong is on my list of destinations.  20 million visitors!  Time to find out what I have been missing.

As always …………….. Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker