July 19, 2024
iPad For Coach Travelers Too! / Apple Photo

I’ve taken the airline industry to task a bit in the past for their rather shabby treatment of coach passengers (see related article).  So when I learn of an airline that is exploring ways to improve the flight experience for coach travelers I am really pleased and want to share the good news ( related article ).  Today I learned that Qantas Airlines – those guys from Australia with the Kuddlie Koala Bears – are testing out a very nice improvement to the coach experience – iPads for Coach!

Keep in mind this is a test program right now – but here’s the deal.  Each coach seat will be provided with an iPad which can be used during flight to access in-flight entertainment streamed directly to the device. ( Sorry – the iPad is not a gift to you from Qantas.  You are not supposed to take the iPad with you when you exit the aircraft.  I’m sure that security issues are being explored as part of this test program.) Programming will be streamed directly to the iPad via an on-board server.  The program is going to be tested using only one aircraft, a B767-300 ( registration VH-OGH if you want to search out and fly on this particular craft) for a period of six weeks.  Eventually the plan is to also allow passengers to use their own tablets if they have one with them. 

Personally, I think it’s a pretty neat idea.  This would just add to the functionality of the iPad I take everywhere with me.   I have to admit that I do have one small fear.  Airlines have been adding new fees for everything lately. If Qantas rolls this program out to their fleet will they attach a nice hefty charge?   They haven’t mentioned any such charge so, until proven wrong,  I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt.   Kudos to Qantas for exploring this nice upgrade for use in Coach!  Check out the details at Qantas. I hope other airlines are paying attention. 

Travel in Comfort ………….Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B,  The Photo Trekker