July 20, 2024

Stress is a sneaky little guy.  He can jump up and surprise you at very unexpected times.  Lots of folks look forward to their vacation thinking that finally they can escape stress and relax a bit.  But, as luck would have it, stress can frequently find you even when you are out-of-town on that long looked forward to vacation.  It’s like stress somehow jumped into your suitcase when you weren’t looking and came along with you!  I’ve written about Travel Stress previously ( click here and here ).  Learning to Pace Yourself can really help you  Manage Travel Stress.   Here are 4 ways to slow down, pace yourself, and Enjoy The Moment:

Paris Cafe / bwb-images

1)  Find a nice table at an outdoor cafe and order a drink . Whatever works for you – coffee, tea, or perhaps a local beer or unique cocktail.  Put your hectic travel plan aside for a moment.  Take a deep breath. Sit back, relax and sip the drink as you bask in the local ambience.  Soak in the total experience – the sounds, sights, and smells.  Watch the people.  Make the moment last.  Don’t check your email or make any calls – stay in the moment. You are on a journey – maybe a vacation – relax – enjoy.

2)  Schedule a massage.  Sure, you could do this at home.  But do you?  A journey or vacation is special – add to the experience with a nice relaxing massage.  Perhaps there is a well-known spa or retreat at your travel destination.  Pay a visit and luxuriate. You’ll be refreshed and ready to continue your travels.

Kyoto Picnic Spot / bwb-images

3) Do a brief picnic.  You do have to eat anyway, don’t you?  So make it a bit more relaxing and special.  Shop at a local market (always a fun and sometimes eye-opening experience). Pick up a soda or some wine – maybe some fresh bread, cold cuts or local specialty.  Then pop in to a local park or garden.  Find a nice bench or comfortable spot to sit and hang out.  Relax – munch – drink – observe.  It will give you a very nice perspective on your travel destination.

California Sunset / bwb-images

4) Enjoy A Sunset.  During your day of travels and exploration try to pick out a scenic location with a nice westerly view – maybe overlooking the city, the seaside, the mountains, a park or a picturesque attraction – whatever your location offers.  Return to the spot one or two hours before sunset.  You might even bring along more snacks and/or some wine? ( Somehow wine and snacks always add to a relaxing experience for me – can you tell? ) Settle in and enjoy the views and the experience as the sun sets. The colors shift from blues to reds.  Sounds soften.  The sky lights up with stars.   A photographer friend of mine always stopped to take photos at sunset – no matter where he was.  He explained that you only get to experience a limited number of sunsets in your life. He wanted to enjoy them as much as possible.  Good advice.  And definitely a good way to relieve stress.

Manage Stress…….and Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker