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Be A Tourist …… In Your Hometown!

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Exotic travel to the far flung corners of the world is exciting and exhilarating.  I highly recommend it. But let’s face it – that type of travel is not always possible or practical.  There is a downside to travel to far off places.  It can require lots of  time and can be very expensive.  Sometimes exotic destinations just won’t work.  What do you do then?  Give up on your travel adventures?  No way ! The answer is simple – enjoy yourself where you are.  Be a tourist in your hometown!

It’s not always necessary to leave town to take a vacation and enjoy yourself.   A vacation is more a state of mind than a place to visit.  A change of pace, a break in the routine, new experiences, new people and ideas – these are some of the main ingredients of a successful vacation.  And you don’t need to leave town to find these things.

We generally tend to take our home city for granted.  We’ve lived there for some time and we’ve gotten used to it.   We get comfortable and fall into a  routine.  We take the same routes to the same places , eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores – you get the idea.  Have you ever thought of shaking things up a bit?  Why not?  If you can’t leave town for a vacation – take a new look at your hometown.    Break out of the routine.  Look at your hometown as a tourist would.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  I’m sure you can think of others as well.

5 Home Town Tourist Ideas

1)  Visit one of the nice hotels in your town.  If you have the cash you might even check in and do a hotel vacation in your hometown.  Otherwise, you could perhaps at least have a drink in the bar or a sandwich in the cafe?  Enjoy the hustle and bustle of hotel/travel life – it’s a somewhat special experience and you can enjoy it without leaving town.

2) As long as you are at that hotel you can pick up some of those visitor publications they have lying around. You know – the ones  that tell out of towners what to see and do.  Select a few local adventures from these publications and seek them out.

3)  Check out a new restaurant – one you have never eaten at and which is at least more than twenty minutes from where you live.  Order the local specialty.

4)  Spend some time at one of those tourist venues in your town – you know, one you might take your out-of-town friends to see when they visit. Check it out on your own.  Every city has places of local interest.  You know they are there, you’ve heard about them, but you take them for granted and don’t visit.  This is a chance to actually do it.

5)  Take your camera with you as you travel during your hometown vacation.  Document your adventure just the way you would if you were visiting London, Paris, or Rome.  It’s great practice for your photo skills and you will have some neat new photos for your album or Facebook page.

6) Go to the local zoo or a nice park,, beach, or forest.  Take a picnic and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.




You can have a great time on a local vacation.  Some refer to this as a “Stay – Cation”.   Whatever you call it  –  it can be fun and much easier and cheaper than a voyage to the other side of the world.  Simply approach your own hometown in a new and different way.  Break out of the routine.  Do the things that you would do if this were your vacation and this was your first visit to your hometown.  Stay up late, sleep in for a change, see the sights, have fun, relax.   It’s a mini-vacation right in your hometown.  It’s right there, just outside your front door. Heck, you don’t even have to hassle with airport security or U.S. Customs forms.  And best of all – you don’t have to deal with jet lag!

Be A Hometown Tourist…And Enjoy The Adventure!


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