July 16, 2024


Allen Field House - Home of KU Jayhawks / bwb-images

Yep – you are correct.  I haven’t been really active on this site recently. Haven’t written an article in a bit.  But there is a really good reason.  For those of you who might not be aware,  this is March –  and College Basketball does this very special thing in March.  The NCAA has their end of the year basketball tournament.  They have a special name for it – but they copyright and/or trademark everything these days – so let’s just say it sounds a lot like March Sadness.

Now for me, basketball is what get’s me through the blah winter months of January and February. It keeps me going until Spring arrives.  And I have to say I am very fortunate.  I am an alumnus of two colleges which manage to put out some very high caliber basketball teams – Michigan State University and the University of Kansas.  This year both teams did very well. KU won the Big 12 and MSU tied for the Big Ten.  As a result of great seasons MSU received a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament while KU received a #2 seed.   Yep – both very good teams.

So…..for the past several weeks I have been doing more basketball watching and reading that article writing.  We have now reached the final weekend of the tournament. The semi finals are Saturday and the championship game is Monday.   Unfortunately, MSU was eliminated in an earlier round but KU has continued to string wins together resulting in their being one of four teams remaining the tournament, along with Ohio State, Kentucky, and Louisville. 

Who will win?  Time will tell.  But trust me – I will be watching!  I know – it is really silly for a grown man to pin his happiness on a bunch of late adolescent males playing a game in long baggy shorts.  But I can’t help myself.   I’m a fan.

I will be yelling and screaming for The University of Kansas – Good Old KU.  I’ll be back to writing soon.  (Keep in mind that I leave for a journey to China in less than a month so I will likely be writing around that topic in a variety of ways.)

But that is after this weekend.  Right now it’s Rock Chalk JayHawk – Go KU!

Enjoy The Journey

Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker