July 16, 2024







I’m in the final phase of prepping for my China Adventure. Got my toothbrush packed, my cameras are cleaned and tuned up. I have my passport with it’s new China Visa. Yep….I’m just about ready.

This will be my first trip to China and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m planning to take a whole bunch of photos (of course) and also hoping to write a few articles to share my impressions and experiences. I’m doing some fine tuning on my list of things to do, see, etc. Maybe you would like to help? Would you like to participate in this adventure? I’m always looking for input – new ideas, concepts, etc.

To help you out, here is my general travel plan.

Flight from Kansas City to San Francisco and then on to Beijing. From there I will visit Xian, Chengdu, and Lhasa Tibet. Then I head to Chongquing where I embark on a cruise on the Yangtze visiting Wanxian,and Fengdu, then passing through the Wu and Qutange Gorges as well as the Lesser Three Gorges: Dragon-Gate, Misty, and Emerald Gorge. Finally I will visit Wuhan briefly before moving on to Hong Kong. Flight home is from Hong Kong to Kansas City, again via San Francisco.

So that is where I will be. If you have been to China and have your own favorite “must sees” then let me know. If you have never been to China but have some ideas – let me know. If you have some thoughts about interesting photos or subjects for articles – let me know. Share your ideas with me and I’ll share the journey with you. This is going to be a great China Adventure!

Count Down To China …… Enjoy The Adventure!
Dr. B, The PhotoTrekker