July 16, 2024
f HongKong Peak bright
Hong Kong viewed from Victoria Peak          BWB-Images


Hong Kong – What a City!

Hong Kong is many things to many people. Want a suit? Measure in the morning, delivery in the evening. Want great food? You are surrounded by it. Finance and business interests? A world capital. Like photography? Hong Kong is a photographer’s feast.

Everywhere you go in Hong Kong you are surrounded by great photographic opportunities. People everywhere, people from everywhere. Buildings, traffic, markets, parks, – so much to “fill the frame” of the avid photographer.

Hong Kong is built around Victoria Harbor. The city is densely populated. In some ways it is hard to get a sense of perspective, a sense of place. If you want to get oriented, to get an overall view of the city, there’s really only one place to go. Grab your camera gear and head out for Victoria Peak.

Victoria Peak, also known as Mount Austin, is located on Hong Kong island. It provides outstanding views of the city and the harbor.  An extremely popular tourist destination, you can get there by bus or cab. Or for a special treat, take The Peak Tram.  Tickets are only $40 HK – that is Forty Hong Kong Dollars – currently the equivalent of about $5.16 in U.S. Dollars.   If you opt for the tram however, be forewarned, lines can be long at popular times of the day – just before sunset for example.

At the top of The Peak you will find a variety of restaurants, ice cream shops, and gift shops. But the real attraction is the view. Strolling along the various walkways you can gaze down on one of the most dynamic and photogenic cities in the world.

Victoria Peak is a “must do” on any traveler’s Hong Kong list. Soak in the view and the ambiance. And by all means – takes lots of photos!

Try a “Peak Experience” ………  And Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker