July 18, 2024


Buddha - Xian, China
Buddha – Xian, China



I’ve written before on the topic of Stress Management for Travelers.  Guess it’s a natural topic for me, given my training and practice as a Clinical Psychologist. If you’ve been following my articles you know that I am in the middle of a series of articles on Coping With Travel Stress (for related articles click here and here and here and here).

Did you know that  there are Apps to help with stress management?  So now, with today’s various digital devices, you can take your stress management tools right along with you as you head out on your next travel adventure.  I’d like to share three Apps that I have found helpful. Before sharing these Apps with you, however – a few words of disclaimer and disclosure.

None of these Apps is perfect.  Each has it’s pros and cons. They work best as tools to assist you with your relaxation and stress management.  I tend to lean toward Free Apps (free is one of my favorite words).  So I’ve selected Apps which you can use without any up front cost.  They are functional and helpful in their “free” format.  But, as with most Apps today, you can obtain additional features, functions, etc. if you are willing to pay an additional fee.  That choice is yours.  If you like the App you may choose to pay for more features – but you don’t have to.   Finally, I have no connection with any of these apps or their developers.  I use these Apps but have not been paid for any promotio. The recommendations are mine alone.

Relax Melodies by Ipnos Soft

This neat App, available for iOS, Android, and Windows, allows you to create your own customized relaxing sound background.  Great for simply relaxing, calming yourself prior to sleep, or as a white noise blocker to help distance you from  outside distracting sounds (great for air travel). There is also a clock and timer function.   Additional  tones, sounds, and features can be purchased.  Create your own soft sound background for use when meditating.

iZen Garden Lite by Random Ideas

As the title suggests, the iZen Garden allows you to create your very own Zen Garden – right there on you iDevice!   Add stones and pebbles, move them around, stack them up. Rake the sand into tranquil patterns, add wind chimes or bells.  Other features such as butterflies, plants, and additional soundtracks can be purchased.  A very peaceful and calming experience to settle the mind. Apparently only available for iOS devices at present.

Headspace On The Go by Head Space

This App, available for iOS or Android, provides lots of information and assistance with meditation and mindfulness activities.  It apparently is a very deep and informative program – a total program which is available only through subscription and which appears to be rather pricey.  But their general introduction is free, fun, and helpful.  And they have a free series of ten guided meditations, their “Take 10 Programme” which serve as a good introduction to meditation and mindfulness.

Be Calm and Relaxed ……. And Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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