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 PHOTO TOUR – Jokhang Temple Area – Lhasa Tibet

Lhasa Tibet - Google Earth
Lhasa Tibet – Google Earth

The Jokhang Temple, considered to be perhaps the most important religious structure, sits in the heart of the Barkhor area of Lhasa.  The neighborhood is a hustling, bustling center of social and tourist activity.  But more importantly, it has been a center for Buddhist pilgrims to Lhasa since the 7th century.


Tibet A

Main Entrance to the Main Square in Barkhor. The open air square lies in front of Jokhang Temple which is at the east end of the square.


tibet worshiper a

Barkhor Square and Jokhang Temple are a primary focus of worship in Lhasa. Pilgrims arrive not only from Tibet but all parts of the world, many prostrating themselves in prayer even as they enter the square.


tibet sq d


tibet sq b

Walking across the square to the main entrance of Jokhang Temple.  The two tall poles are covered with prayer flags.


Barkhor Square - Prayer Pole and Guard
Barkhor Square – Prayer Pole and Guard

Prayer flag poles represent battle flags that have now become signs of peace. Rather paradoxically, there is a noticeable military and security force presence in the area.  The square has been the focus of numerous demonstrations.


tibet Jakong a

The interior of Jokhang is mostly dark, lighted by few external light sources, occasional bare bulb fixtures, and hundreds of flickering yak butter lamps.  Every inch of the interior seems to be covered in icons, writings or brightly painted symbols.


Tibet me Jakong

From the main, rather dark, entrance you emerge into the main courtyard, or dukhang, which is actually quite small. From here you enter into the dimly lit interior complex which offers limited photo opportunities.


tibet worship

Outside the Temple, more and more pilgrims arrive to prostrate and pray at the Temple wall.


tibet venders


The Barkhor area is surrounded with vender stalls, providing for the needs of the pilgrims such as yak butter for burning candles, incence, and prayer flags.


tibet sq 3

The Barkhor area is pedestrian only. A series of streets / walkways encircle Jokhang Temple forming the pilgrimage circuit or KORA.  It’s a place full of hustle and bustle with tourists and pilgrims walking the circuit -shopping, talking, and spinning their prayer wheels. Be advised – tradition is to walk the Kora counterclockwise.


tibet mandela

A Buddhist Mandala. Frequently used as a meditation aid. Based on a pattern of circles and squares around a central focal point – symbolizing the universe.

A visit to The Barkhor and Jokhang Temple will be a high point of any visit to Lhasa, Tibet.  It is the liveliest neighborhood in Lhasa, full of people, action, and color.  Don’t rush your visit.  Walk the Kora, visit the interior of Jokhang Temple, and spend some time soaking in the unique ambiance of this very special place.

Counterclockwise on the Kora …………….. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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