July 23, 2024


Kansas City
Kansas City

Today I was reminded, yes once again, that you don’t have to travel the world to discover and enjoy wonderful experiences.  Sometimes the really good stuff is right in your own back yard.  Today “The Daily Meal“, a New York based website dealing with “all things food & drink” published their review of the best rib joints in the country.  A panel of well known food critics and writers reviewed and sampled ribs from across America.  The only criterion? The selection needed to  be for “bone-in ribs best eaten with your hands and a pile of napkins.” The goal – select the 20 Best Ribs In America.  And which rib restaurant was rated as the best of these top twenty?  Oklahoma Joe’s And yes, it’s right here in my home base – Kansas City!


Best Ribs In America / Photo Credit - The Daily Meal
Best Ribs In America / Photo Credit – The Daily Meal

Kansas City is known for it’s barbecue.  And frankly, everyone has his or her favorite.  Arthur Bryant’s is one local favorite with a long history and a place frequented by celebrities and presidents when they visit KC. Other locals swear by Gates Bar-B-Q.  The list truly goes on and on.  But – always at the top of my list – Oklahoma Joe’s.  Those ribs are just something special.  You know how wonderfully good barbecue smells when it’s cooking?  It like advertises how great the food should taste. I bet you’ve had the experience where you smell that barbecue, your mouth is watering,  and you sit down to enjoy your meal.  You bite into the barbecue and – well, it’s good – but not great – just not as good as that wonderful aroma.  Disappointing isn’t it.  Well, let me tell you.  The smell of Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue is out of this world and the taste of Joe’s ribs is as good as the aroma.  It definitely lives up to it’s aromatic advertising.

I have to admit, I had mixed feelings as I read The Daily Meal’s article and review.  It’s nice to have local establishments recognized.  And of course it’s nice to have you own opinion confirmed by others.  But gosh – the line at Oklahoma Joe’s has always been long.  Now, with more national recognition it’s  going to be even longer.   But the ribs are definitely worth the wait!


Best Ribs In America  ……………Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B,The PhotoTrekker

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