July 18, 2024

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The headline from The Hutchinson News says it all: ” A PROUD DAY IN SMALLVILLE. ”  And indeed it was.  For one full day, Hutchinson, a city with a population of 42,000 in South Central Kansas was renamed to honor it’s ‘hometown’ superhero.

There may have been some doubters out there – those who believed that Smallville , the town where Superman grew up, was in some other state – perhaps Illinois, Ohio, or elsewhere.  But much of that doubt was removed with the release on June 14, 2013 of the most recent Superman film epic – “Man of Steel.”  How?  Well those who have seen the movie can provide you with confirmation from various film scenes such as:

  • Clark Kent wearing a Kansas T-Shirt
  • Clark’s home town with a Sears store sign showing the location – Smallville, Kansas
  • A TV sports show in the background showing KU (that’s The University of Kansas y’all) playing ball.

And if, after viewing those details (as well as others) sprinkled throughout the movie, any doubt remained – well Superman himself cleared it all up when near the end of the film he told the world:2013-06-20 07.47.39


So there you have it.  Superman is clearly, undeniably, and  absolutely without any doubt what so ever – from Smallville Kansas.  And for one day last week Hutchinson proundly claimed Clark Kent as their native son.  Hutchinson’s local newspaper, The Hutchinson News, put out the special edition seen in the top photo to boldly tell the world about their hometown connections to The Man of Steel.  They did an outstanding job – printing the edition as The Daily Planet.   Somehow they even managed to retain some of the original Daily Planet staff for the occasion.

sv paper byline


Yep – Perry White is still editor and Jimmy Olson is still staff photographer. And of course Clark Kent and Lois Lane continue as reporters. Very well done.

Reporter Kristen Roderick had been following the story of Hutchinson enacting a proclamation which renamed the city as Smallville. (for her earlier article click HERE. ) She has a great front page article on the Special Edition from The Daily Planet which explains the history of the effort as well as other background on the location of Smallville.  (Also my personal thanks to Kristen for her help in providing me with information on the Hutchinson / Smallville events)

What was it like to be in Smallville Kansas on this very special day?  That’s the topic of my next article which will be “coming soon.”  Stay tuned …………………….

A Proud Day In Smallville ……… Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker 


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