July 13, 2024

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If you have a bike and like to ride, then let me introduce you to a Great Biking App for smartphones. This spiffy app adds a bit of tech enjoyment to anyone’s biking experience.  The app is called B.iCycle (http://b-icycle.com) Produced by Valley Development GmbH, it’s available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

bike 3
B.iCycle Screen Shot photo by B.iCycle

Developers call B.iCycle a GPS Computer for Road and Mountain Biking.  I’ve tried it, I bought it. I love it.  This little app provides a lot of function in a small and user-friendly package.  

Before you head out on your ride just press the “start” button and it will automatically track your ride.  I use mine on my iPhone which is on my belt clip as I ride.  B.iCycle seems to easily maintain good GPS connection throughout my ride. If you stop, take a break – it automatically enters a pause mode and then picks up once you resume your ride.






bike 2
B.iCycle Screen Shot photo by B.iCycle



B.iCycle tracks a wealth of information about your ride including time,  distance, speed, calories consumed, and altitude.









bik3 4
B.iCycle Screen Shot photo by B.iCycle


At the end of your ride just hit the “stop” button and all of that data is stored away as a separate ride “track” which you can name.  The date and time are automatically appended to the data file.









And if that’s not enough, all that trip data can be exported or shared, either immediately after your ride or at a later date.  The app will send trip info via email using KML and GPX format which allows you or others to view your ride as the track is laid out on Google Earth.  You can also share the same data via integrated Facebook, Twitter, and 1-2-sports links.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 10.29.00 AM
Screen Shot track photo / Google Earth

Here’s a Google Earth screen shot from a ride I took recently while I was road tripping to Key West, Florida.

How much do I like this app?  Well, as those of you who follow my articles know, “Free” is my favorite word.  Unfortunately, this app is not “Free”.  In fact, the price is currently listed as $9.99. But I bought it!  So it is almost the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased.  But from my point of view, it’s worth it. It is the best biking app for smartphones that I have found.  It adds a neat and fun dimension to my biking experience.

Take a Tech Ride ………. And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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