July 13, 2024


iPhone 4S


Sell Your iPhone For Big Bucks!

Okay – so I admit it.  I love my electronics and I truly love my iPhone.  Tomorrow, September 10th, Apple will be announcing it’s newest edition to their iPhone line.  And yes indeed – I plan to get the new one.  I find the iPhone is an absolutely wonderful companion on my various travels and journeys – near to home or far away.  It keeps my stuff organized, it keeps me in touch, and it has a great camera.  So the new iPhone will definitely be a part of my travel gear.

But of course, that raises the question – what do you do with your old iPhone?  Well, it would be a swell gift if you know someone in need.  Or you could just continue to use it – simply doing so without having it connected to a mobile phone service.  This basically makes it function as an iTouch – you can play music, use wi-fi to get email or surf the net, and still use it for contacts, calendars, games etc.

But if none of those options sounds right to you – well you can sell your old iPhone for  Big Bucks (relatively speaking of course).  Your iPhone has considerable value in the overseas markets and there is an easy way to capitalize on that value.  You can sell your phone to a third party re-seller over the internet.  All you need to do is Google “sell my iPhone” to find a large number of such resellers.  The one which I hear most about is Gazelle.  Currently you can “lock in” a great price for you old iPhone with Gazelle and then complete the deal by sending them your phone no later than October 15th.  This gives you time to purchase and set up your new iPhone – you won’t be “iPhone – less”.

So, if you plan to upgrade – check it out.  Don’t just toss the old iPhone in a drawer.  Use it – or sell it.