July 20, 2024


Winter View From Notre Dame / bwb-images
Winter View From Notre Dame / bwb-images

People know that I absolutely love to travel and that I travel a lot. And because of this I frequently get asked questions and opinions about travel such as where I would suggest people go for a great vacation or adventure.  It’s a great question – any easy one to ask – but not so easy to answer.  Travel can be very subjective.  What one person thinks is a great travel adventure another thinks is a terrible travel disaster.  Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes.

In spite of the subjective and personal qualities of travel I still try to do my best to help others with possibilities and information about great travel ideas and destinations.  In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons that I created this web site and write all these travel articles!

One approach I use to filter through travel recommendations is what I call the “Would You Go Again?” travel destination test.  I’ve covered a lot of ground in my travels and the simple question, “would I go again?” helps me sort through and select some of the best travel destinations to recommend. With that in mind -I thought it would be interesting to share some of my “Go Again” destinations. Today I decided to start with any obvious one.


Paris CDFolderBackPage

I love Paris. What? You too? Who doesn’t love Paris?  I’ve been there several times and I would absolutely, without a doubt, no question about it, go back again …… and again …… and again. I love photography and Paris is a photographer’s delight.  As one of my photography instructors once said – “Paris is a visual feast.” It gives the photographer a lot to work with!  Sort of brings out the creative side.  Just one subject – say the Eiffel Tower can keep the photographer busy day and night!

paris tower rocks

Actually, the Eiffel Tower doesn’t look exactly like this at night – trust me.

Paris TowerColage

But then, it doesn’t look exactly like this during the day either…………….

Paris offers such a variety of experiences and venues. There is never a dull moment.  That is, unless you want a dull moment.  But then of course if you do – you can always find a lovely quiet cafe and simply spend some time just kicking back and watching Paris go by – not a bad way to spend an hour or two – or an afternoon.

Paris is a city you can, of course,  enjoy by day – seeing the sights, shopping, eating, people watching.  But Paris is definitely a city you can enjoy by night – some would say even more than during the day. There are awesome restaurants, romantic strolls by the Seine.

Paris towerOr, take a boat ride on the Seine.  Many of the great sights are illuminated.  Totally awesome!

paris tower nite base







Paris ND night


Paris is a city you can enjoy in cold weather.  But on some days it will help if you bundle up a bit!  Here’s me on a brisk February day………….Brrrrrrr – but still a Great Day in Paris.

paris selfie

 My “February In Paris” Selfie!


Paris is a city you can enjoy in warm weather.

paris tower day small

Like museums?  Paris has some of the best in the world! Like The Louvre!

Paris louve 2

And, as though you didn’t know,  they have a number of rather well known works of art.

paris winged victory

 paris venus
















paris art 1


paris art 2









Paris has a great metro system which makes travel a breeze.Paris metro

And even the Metro is an interesting experience. Colorful and very Parisian!

Paris metro 2









Enjoy a cafe – the food is great – and so is the people watching!

paris cafe menuparis cafe









Bottom Line:  Without any doubt – Paris is a Must See.  Something for everyone – any time of year and any time of day.  Don’t wait – Just Do it!

I’ll be writing about other destinations which pass my “Would You Go Again?” test in future articles, so be sure to check back.  Meanwhile – what places pass your “Would You Go Again Test?” Write a comment below and let me and others know!

Paris is a “Go Again!”………….. And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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