July 16, 2024
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Viet Nam era DC 3 Gunship – An interesting ride – but maybe not for your next vacation!

Use A Flight Finder To Generate New Travel Possibilities

If you are like me and love to travel, then you know there is nothing better than having an upcoming trip on your calendar – a new adventure to look forward to.  But have you ever found yourself without a trip in the planning?  For me, that’s a very weird no-man’s-land.  But that is where I find myself at the moment.  I feel that “need for travel.”  Unfortunately,  I’m having a hard time selecting a destination.  For some reason nothing is really screaming out at me.  Probably just a case of too little time – so many places. It’s just hard to choose. Fortunately I just heard of a website that just may help me get the old travel juices flowing.  Get Going can be a super means of Destination Exploration. (sorry – this company is no longer in business ) It’s a Flight Finder that can do some of the destination exploration for you.  And it offers an interesting twist of adventure as well.  More on that later…….

With Get Going all you have to do is select the dates that you would like to travel and then select a region of the world that you would like to visit.  Press “Search” and Get Going is off and running.  Moments later it returns a long list of possible destinations in your selected region along with round trip flights for your selected dates of travel.  And for a bonus – it searches out air fares that have active price reductions!  Very Nice.

This is a really good way to see the cost of airfares for travel to a large number of destinations in a region in one quick search.  It sure beats individually searching each possible destination on some of those other sites.  Get Going may also offer possible destinations within the region that you hadn’t even thought of.  Sort of opens you up to new possibilities.

So used in this way it is very easy  to get a sense of possible destinations and airfare costs to those destinations. Once you find something that interests you then you can simply go to a different site and search further and book a trip.

But wait – Get Going can do more than just generate ideas and possibilities.

Are You Feeling Lucky? / bwb-images
It’s like Vegas Baby! Are You Feeling Lucky? Let Get Going Select Your Destination! / bwb-images

If you use Get Going as it is designed, you can actually purchase your tickets with their site.  Here’s how that works.  First you select specific  flights to two different destination cities within your chosen region – for example – Amman Jordan and Cairo Egypt in the Middle East.  Get Going will give you the departure and arrival times for flights to each destination as well as the number of flight segments and the total flight duration.  It will also give you the total cost of each round trip flight.(No – it doesn’t give you the name of the airline or the flight numbers) Based on that information  you can then actually book your flight on Get Going.  But here is the “twist of adventure” part I mentioned at the top.  You  select flight and travel information for each of the two destination cities – then Get Going selects which city you actually travel to.  Yep – read it again – that’s right.  You narrow the choice down to two destinations.  Get Going makes the final selection. It’s like flipping a coin. Get Going makes the final choice. For the example above – you would select flights and commit to make payment for either one of the two destination cities – Amman or Cairo.  Then Get Going picks which one you will travel to and bills your credit card.  So if you are truly adventurous – or if you just can’t make up your own mind – this might be something you should try.  Are you feeling lucky?

I have not played Get Going’s game of “Destination Flip A Coin” yet.  I may in the future – who knows.  Meanwhile, I have used it’s Flight Finder search capability to give me some new ideas about possible destinations for future travels.  Check it out – it’s a neat flight finder and gives good information.  And if you are feeling adventurous – let Get Going select your destination.  If you do, please let me know how that works out for you.

Destination Flip A Coin …………. Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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