July 18, 2024

iPhone 5S Photography.


The iPhone 5s is here and brings with it a somewhat improved camera – the new smartphone camera on the block. I’m a photographer – if there is a new camera, well I have to check it out – right?

Okay – I admit it.  I’m somewhat of a Geek when it comes to tech.  I’ve been a happy iPhone user since the days of my 3g version.  I’ve found the iPhone works well for me and my needs for phone calls, data services, and photography.  It works great as a quick and easy travel camera and it is so handy and easy to carry with you wherever you might be.  I have always found the iPhone cameras to be very serviceable and have used the iPhone camera for many of my Facebook images as well as some of those that I post in articles on this site.

I recently picked up my new iPhone 5S.  I opted for the 32 GB model in “space gray”, using the Verizon network.  For me the 32 GB provides more than enough storage space and for my needs 64 GB would be overkill.  Why the “space gray” when everyone is all crazy about the gold or silver models?  I made that choice primarily because of my photography interests.  The front of the “space gray” iPhone is framed in black while the gold and silver models are framed on the front in white.  I have tried white iPhones and iPads in the the past and I have to say that I prefer the black framing.  For me it improves the visual experience of viewing photos on the screen.  Just my own personal preference.  Others prefer the white.

The camera in the iPhone 5S is not a huge update – but there are differences from the iPhone 5.  The camera continues to be an 8 megapixel iSight camera but now includes a dual LED white/yellow flash which they refer to as True Tone and claim improves color rendering when flash is used.  The aperture increases from f 2.4 to a slightly “faster” f 2.2.  Camera operation and results should also be influenced by the newer image signal processor in the Apple A7 chipset which is the “brains” of the iPhone 5S.

I used to think of phone cameras as a novelty – not worth the time or expense. But that has changed. I’ve enjoyed using my iPhone cameras in the past, and find that with each new iPhone edition and associated camera enhancements that I use the camera more and more.  I’m hoping the this trend continues as I move into shooting images with my new iPhone 5S.  Time will tell. I’ll let you know once I’ve had some experience with it.

Do you use your smartphone for photography?  What camera / phone do you use and what is your experience and opinion?   Feel free to share your input with other readers.

iPhone 5S Photography ……… Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker

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