July 16, 2024
Traditional Kimono Dress / bwb-images
Traditional Kimono Dress / bwb-images


Ever thought of visiting Japan?  Concerned that it is perhaps, too expensive?  Well, here’s the answer.  You can now win a FREE trip to Japan.  (Regular readers are aware that “free” is one of my favorite words.)

The city of Narita Japan has partnered with various airlines and hotels to develop the Fly To Narita Campaign.  The purpose?  To increase and expand travelers’ awareness of the city of Narita and all it has to offer the visitor to Japan.

The campaign is a great idea.  I’ve been to Japan before (I have previously written several articles on various aspects of the journey including – Arrival in Japan, High Speed Trains, Hiroshima, and Cuisine, as well as others.)  But I have to admit, I considered Narita to simply be the location of Narita International Airport – the primary arrival and departure point for visitors to Japan.  While I traveled to various parts of Japan, I never thought of exploring Narita itself.

The Fly To Narita Campaign is designed to let people like me know that there is much more to Narita than an airport.  To learn more about what Narita City has to offer, and to see some great photos of the area, you can view and / or download their information sheet at NARITA CITY.

If you would like to visit Japan and have a chance to enjoy all that Narita City has to offer you can enter the contest at their website http://www.nrtk.jp/fly/ .  They are accepting entries up until December 31, 2013 and will award 7 lucky winners a free trip to Japan.

So …….. what are you waiting for?

Travel To Narita City …………….. And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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