July 23, 2024
iPad Air – Apple Photo

 iPad Air

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

That Is The Question



Apple recently announced the newest edition of it’s amazingly popular iPad.  The new version even has a new name – The iPad Air.  Compared to earlier versions, the iPad Air is thinner, lighter, and perhaps most importantly – faster. So now comes the question – will you buy one?

I’m a big Apple fan.  I love my new iPhone 5s and I have used an iPad since it was first developed.  Today I have a third edition iPad, the 64 gig, wifi and Verizon LTE version.  I love it.  It’s with me on a daily basis.  I use it for content creation such as writing articles.  I use it for display and light editing of photos.  (No – I’m not one of those who use the camera.  I still think it’s too big and unwieldy for camera use.  And if try it to use it as a camera you are going to get some strange looks from those around you.  Just too “klunkie “geekie”. Get a “real camera” or at least use your iPhone!)  But the iPad is outstanding for displaying photos – the Retina Display is a showstopper.  The iPad is travel friendly.  In the past I traveled with my laptop.  No longer.  Now I pack up my lightweight iPad and I’m off.  It has worked for me in every way, from short weekend trips close to home  to extended travels to far off places such as China.

Now I face the question.  Is it time to upgrade from the iPad 3 to the iPad Air?  That’s a tough call.  Quite honestly, my current iPad 3 seems to be doing all I want it to do.  Still, the “Air” version is attractive and appealing.  It’s lighter and I like “lighter”.  It’s faster and I like “faster.”  It’s new and I like “new.”  But another word I like is “free” and the iPad Air is definitely not free. So I’m still thinking this one through.  How about you?

Will you be upgrading?  I’d love to have your thoughts and comments.

Meanwhile ………….. Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker