August 15, 2022

 Grand Canyon North Rim by iPhone

north rim 5 iphone

A visit to the Grand Canyon is a highlight of any travel to the Southwest.  I’ve previously visited the South Rim on several occasions but I recently made my way to the North Rim.  A bit more isolated and difficult to reach, the Grand Canyon North Rim is a delight.  It’s less developed and less congested allowing for a more personal experience with the Grandest of Canyons.

I always travel with lots of cameras and gear.  But in this article I thought I would share some images of the North Rim that I made using my iPhone 5.  The iPhone has a very capable camera and I have found the photos from my iPhone to be first rate.  Plus, when shooting with the iPhone it becomes very easy to quickly share images via e-mail or social media like Facebook.

north rim 2 iphone

I told you I travel with al lot of camera gear. Here I am at an outlook on the North Rim scouting out a vantage point to shoot sunsets. A friendly traveler offered to take my photo with my iPhone.



north rim 4 iphone

 iPhone Sunset Photo at the North Rim


north rim 7 iphone

It’s lots easier to hike around the North Rim with the light weight iPhone rather than all that other heavy camera gear – trust me on this!


north rim 3 iphone

After all that hiking its really nice to just sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy the view.  And what a view it is!


north rim 6 iphone

North Rim Overlook at Sundown


north rim 1 iphone

One of the great things about the iPhone is that it is so simple to operate.  This makes it easy to ask another traveler to use it to take a shot of you – much better than an arm’s length “selfie.”

The iPhone 5 is a great phone and travel companion.  And the camera is great as well. So the next time you visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (or anywhere else for that matter) don’t forget your iPhone!

Grand Canyon by iPhone ………… Enjoy The Adventure

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