July 16, 2024

go pro camera


There’s a rapidly growing camera movement out there.  It’s called GO PRO and it’s full of action and excitement.  The GO PRO Video Camera is a tiny but powerful and extremely versatile still and video camera system.  It’s grabbed the action sporting world by storm.  So small that it can be mounted just about anywhere,  the GO PRO captures high resolution video and stills as well. It can be operated manually or via a remote control.

The camera has a vast array of accessories which allow use in just about any situation imaginable.  There are waterproof underwater housings for the scuba diver. Helmet mounts for any action sports type – think mountain biking, snow and / or water skiing, motor cycling, biking, mountain climbing.  Truly the list goes on and on.

You can pick up one of these slick cameras at Amazon –




Here’s an example of video captured with the GO PRO mounted on an extreme mountain bikers helmet.  It’s outta sight!  These mountain bikers are CRAZY!  (Keep in mind, these guys are pros – Do Not Attempt This At Home.)


As an avid photographer, I am all into new photo gear.  So of course I am keenly interesting in the GO PRO.  The only thing slowing me down?  Well, the real strength of the GO PRO is it’s ability to capture the close up view of ACTION SPORTS.  So here’s the rub.  I don’t skydive.  I don’t scuba.  I don’t ride bulls in the rodeo.  Get the picture?  So if I got a GO PRO – how would I use it?  How about a thrilling video -an up close and personal view as I type articles on my MAC?  Boring!  Or perhaps a video of the  action and adventure of me mowing my lawn?  Probably not!  Okay, so I travel a lot – maybe some great footage of me eating those yummy little airplane meals – on those tiny little airplane drop down trays – in the shrinking seats with no leg room?  Not really.

But then I discovered a neat little item – a nifty accessory for the GO PRO.  It’s a remote controlled Quadra Copter.  You can attach a Go PRO and get that bird’s eye view of your surroundings.  Now I gotta admit – this has me a little more than intrigued.

go pro copter

Now this little copter device doesn’t come cheaply.  You can also get this via Amazon –

I just got back from visiting some awesome venues in the Western United States. Now tell me, how cool would it be to have some  sky view video footage of the Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon?  So, now I may have found the rationale to allow me to pick up one of these dandy little GO PRO cameras.  Just have to save up my pennies for awhile. After all,  I’m still paying off that last outing to Arizona and Utah.

Do you have a GO PRO?  Anyone have the Quadra Copter device.  Let us know how you like them and how you use them.


(Full Disclosure – I do not (yet?) own a GO PRO but I borrowed one briefly from a friend  and the image quality is great.  I have not been compensated by anyone in any way for this article. If you decide to purchase this item you can do so by “clicking through” to Amazon from this site (just click on the Amazon boxes in the body of text or the Golden Square at the upper right corner of this page) – your price will be the same but your purchase will help support this site.  (Our thanks in advance!)

Get In On The ACTION ………… And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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