July 20, 2024

rosebowl cap

About Time For A New Cap!

Michigan State University Rose Bowl Bound 

Let me start with a small disclaimer – I am an alumnus of Michigan State University – got my undergraduate degree in psychology from good old MSU. So there may be just a slight bias in this article.  With that said, let me say …….

PASADENA – HERE WE COME!  The last time Michigan State made it to the Rose Bowl was in 1988.  That was 26 years ago.  I have the cap seen in the photo above to prove it. That cap is 26 years old.  Personally, I think it’s about time I got a new cap.

Michigan State played Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game on December 7, 2013.  And the game was everything it was supposed to be.  In a month full of great football games,  on a day packed with outstanding football games – the Big Ten Championship Game between Michigan State and Ohio State was a standout.  Each team had it’s moments of greatness, each had it’s chance to put the other away.  But at the end  of the day – the better team won.  Is my bias showing? Absolutely.  But did the better team win?  Again – absolutely.  Final Score – Michigan State 34 / Ohio State 24.  The score settles any debate.

What’s next?  Why a well deserved trip to California, of course.  The Rose Bowl is waiting. Sounds like a great opportunity for a trip to me.   Anyone up for an sporting adventure?  I imagine there will be more than a few Michigan State Spartans descending on Pasadena around New Year’s.

Michigan State Rose Bowl Football …… Enjoy the Adventure!

Dr.B, The PhotoTrekker

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