July 18, 2024

zagg air


I’ve previously written about my use of Zagg Cases and Keyboards for my iPads ( most recent article and previous article and before that )  I’ve found the Zagg cases to be a great compliment to my iPads.  I use my iPad all the time – at home and on my travels.  The Zagg cases provide good protection and a wonderful keyboard which allows me to create and work with documents, emails, etc. with ease.  (I’m just not much good with that on-screen keyboard with the iPad)

In November of 2013 I wrote about my newest Zagg case – the keyboard case for the iPad Air.  I’ve used it daily and love it.  But then a problem emerged.  At first I thought maybe it was me and my typing skills.  But after doing some close and systematic testing I concluded the fault was not mine.  My keyboard developed a “glitch”.  The “m” and “n” keys started to get “funky.”  Sometimes those letters would not appear when the key was pressed.  Then sometimes I would get multiple “m”s or “n”s when I touched the keys.

This type of keyboard issue was a problem.  I’m in the process of preparing for a trip to India and Nepal and I’m counting on using my iPad thoughout the journey.   And for that trip I really need a good case with a fully functioning keyboard.

Fortunately the solution proved to be relatively easy.   I contacted Zagg and explained the problem I was experiencing.  Their response?  No problem – they would send me a replacement case.  What a relief.

My replacement Zagg Keyboard Case for iPad Air arrived several days ago and I sent the faulty unit back to Zagg.  My new keyboard is working well.  I’m back in action and ready for my journey.

It’s disappointing when you encounter a problem with a product.  But let’s face it.  Problems happen.  The most important thing is how well a company stands behind their product.  From my experience, Zagg does a great job with customer support.  They produce a great product and want you to have a good experience.  They stand behind their products.  Well Done.

Great Customer Support ………………. Enjoy The Journey!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker.

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