July 13, 2024

Vivian Maier was apparently many things.  For one, she was essentially unknown until around 2007.  For another she was a Nanny with a rather mysterious background.  And perhaps as was only recently discovered,  she was a “street photographer” with an eye some have compared with Henri Cartier Bresson.

The recently released documentary film, “Finding Vivian Maier” provides an intriguing look into the discovery of Ms. Maier’s photographic work and the subsequent journalistic detective-like search for just who she was. Directors John Maloof and Charlie Siskel explore Ms. Maier’s world of street photography and provide some interesting insights into her personal history as well as her idiosyncratic, and at times rather dark, personality issues. If you have an interest in photography, or an interest in psychology, or better still – an interest in both – it’s a film well worth seeing.


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