July 19, 2024


A Change of Pace in Nepal

Even though Nepal is a rather small country it’s capital, Kathmandu, is a rather large and crowded city.  A visit offers many wonderful experiences but it can also be rather hectic.  If you are looking for a hotel which offers great services, wonderful facilities, and a bit of peace and quiet you could do worse than consider the Gokarna Forest Resort.

Truly a resort, the Gokarna has excellent spa and health club facilities as well as an 18 hole championship golf course built to USGA regulations.  The course, 6,715 yards in length plays to a par 72.  Food services are excellent including the Durbar Restaurant, The Clubhouse restaurant, The Hunters Lodge and the 8848 MT. Bar.  Rooms are spacious, comfortable, and well appointed.

The only downside to the hotel that I experienced, if you can call it that, is it’s location.  While technically within the city of Kathmandu, it is a bit “out there.” Let me quote directly from the hotel’s website description of directions from the airport:

Kathmandu – Gokarna Forest Resort

Exit the Airport and turn right on the Ring Road. Follow the Ring Road taking a right at the first roundabout (3 min). On your right will be the edges of the Pashupati Temple. As the temple boundary ends, turn right into the Guheshwari Marg lane that takes you along the back side of Pashupati Temple. After 400m the road splits roughly into 3. Take the center road. After 500m you will see a red building (Bagmati Water Treatment Plant). Take the road that runs just left of it and soon you will see the Bagmati river on your right.

After about 1.5 km a bridge crossing the Bagmati river will appear on the right. Veer left and then right, keeping the Bagmati river on your right side.

After another 2 kms. the road will rise up. Turn right onto the bridge and cross the Bagmati river. You will see Gokarna Forest beginning on your left, surrounded by a high brick wall. You are now in the village of Mulpani and just 3 kms from the resort lobby.

The road here is a little rough for about half a km. Continue on, passing the Norling Resort on your left and do not take any forks to the right. After another kilometer, the road bends right and climbs up to the village of Thali. The resort gate appears on your left just before the road climbs upwards.

Enter and turn right going up the hill. At the top on the right is the car park for the Golf Course. Park there if you wish to go to the clubhouse. For accommodation, veer left where the tarmac road ends and follow the road with the large buildings on your left. You will round the building and see the hotel entrance appear on your left.

So if you stay at this resort you are definitely not in “downtown” Kathmandu.  It will be a bit of a trip to visit sites and locations.  Fortunately cab fares are reasonable, running perhaps $7 to $10 each way.  The location does not really encourage a lot of “back and forth” journeys to the city.  But the bonus is that once at the resort you are truly removed from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

A stay at Kathmandu – Gokarna Forest Resort is most restful.  Have a massage or use the indoor pool.  If you have the time, interest, and talent you can “tee it up” and play a round of golf.  There are many hiking trails through the area and forest.  Unfortunately the hotel requires that hikers hire a guide to show them the way and to ensure they don’t run into difficulties with forest creatures.  Oh yes, on the subject of creatures.  There are deer wandering the hotel grounds and monkeys are everywhere, climbing about the grounds and buildings.  Room windows have signs warning not to leave windows open or risk a visit from a monkey intruder.  A “guard” wanders the grounds armed with a sling shot.  He reported it’s his job to scare monkeys away should they pose potential irritation to guests walking the grounds or relaxing at the outdoor venues.  But he assured me that he only shoots in the direction of the monkeys to move them away. He doesn’t actually shoot at them.  His job is to keep them at a distance, not to harm them.


The main entrance to the reception area at Gokarna Forest Resort.Nepal hotel (6 of 6)


An interior courtyard area with Tibetan Prayer Flags

Nepal hotel (5 of 6)


My hotel room was large and comfortable.

Nepal hotel (1 of 6)


The room had a nice desk and seating area.  Unfortunately there was no WiFi in the room. But free WiFi is available in some of the public areas.

Nepal hotel (3 of 6)


Open grounds and outdoor seating outside the  restaurant and bar area.

Nepal hotel (4 of 6)


All in all, the Gokarna Forest Resort is a good choice for a stay in Kathmandu.   Yes, it is a bit of a drive from the main sights of the city.  But once you get to the resort, you are in for a fine relaxing experience.

Visit Kathmandu ……. And Enjoy The Journey!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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