July 19, 2024

Ever hear of Strong City Kansas?  If the answer is “no” – well don’t feel alone.  It’s not a big place and most of the time there’s not a whole lot happening there.  But each year, usually in early June, Strong City Kansas hosts the Flint Hills Rodeo.  It’s not a huge and flashy Big City type rodeo either.  It’s not held inside some glass and chrome “multi-sports” area.  No sir.  The Flint Hills Rodeo is the real deal.  Outside, under the big blue sky in the day and the stars at night.  It’s a down home event and it’s a hit every year.  Here’s a photo collection to give you some idea of all that happened this year. Welcome to Kansas Rodeo!



Rodeo sign



rodeo queen

Every Rodeo Needs a Queen!

rodeo flag rider

The Queen Starts The Rodeo With The Flag and National Anthem

rodeo roper

 Calf Roper In Action

rodeo girlsLovely Ladies, Food & Drink, and a Photo Bombing Cowboy!

rodeo crowd

A Very Appreciative Rodeo Crowd!

rodeo bronc art

“Artsy” Bronc Rider (shoot ’em at slow shutter speed)

rodeo sweet sunset

A Sweet Sunset for An American Rodeo

rodeo poet

Cowboy Poetry Contestant – It’s not all horses and cattle.

rodeo boy

Young Cowboy Studies The Action

rodeo cowboy

Saddle Bronc Rider Prepares 

The Flint Hills Rodeo – a delicious slice of Americana.   See you there next year?

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Saddle Up! ….. And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B – The Photo Trekker

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